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      Within any academic career students are often assigned a number of reports in all their courses. This is because the essay assignment known as a report requires students to present information in a coherent and accurate fashion. They must also justify the information used relevant, concrete, and reputable examples and evidence. This essay assignment, therefore, tests a number of skills, including writing, creative thinking, and analytic.

       It is a popular assignment used to gauge the knowledge of the student and their ability to present it. Unfortunately, it also means that an essay assignment like a report is not the easiest assignment to do. However, there are a number of ways for a student to get the assistance they need with their essay assignment. The sources available to use for an essay assignment can be extremely valuable not just on a short term basis (providing the essay assignment), but on a long term basis as well (assisting the student with their overall writing capabilities).

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       Possibly the first location students should look for assistance with their essay assignment is various instructional materials that the teacher or professor has distributed to the class. Often times, teachers and professors give students a detailed rubric outlining all the components required for the essay assignment. Other times, the teacher or professor may give students a model essay for them to follow when writing their own essay assignment. Students are able to receive a lot of assistance by reading through the materials provided by the teacher or professor.

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       Another good source for essay assignment assistance is the university’s writing center. Writing centers are often staffed with professional writing consultants trained with the ability to aid students when they need help writing their essay assignment. These writing centers are a valuable resource for students because they provide the students with researching, writing, formatting, and brainstorming assistance. The writing centers also educate students on the necessary skills needed to apply to any type of essay assignment they may face throughout their academic career.

       The classroom is often overlooked as a great location to get essay assignment assistance. Students are able to assist others in writing their essay assignment because maybe they understand something another student missed. They have all had exposure to the same instructions and methods, and can therefore be of great assistance. Peer reviews are excellent opportunities for students to read other students’ work and provide necessary feedback. The criticism needs to be constructive, thoughtful, and polite. The peer review offers information on the strengths and weaknesses of the essay assignment.

       While writing an essay assignment can be difficult and require skills and practice, it is not impossible to do given the wide number of helpful resources available. Students should not be discouraged from taking advantage of one of these opportunities or all of them in an effort to improve their writing and get the grades they deserve in their class. Once a student knows how to write an effective essay assignment, they will be prepared for all future writing assignments provided by their teacher or instructor.

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