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       What, you say?  An easy term paper?  No Way!!!

       Well, perhaps we exaggerate a bit, but if you take our research papers made easy tips, you certainly will find the task a great deal less painful than you initially imagine.  We are not here to tell you that a research paper can be created within a matter of hours or that it will not involve some work, but, if you follow our advice, you will find that research papers made easy is not complete fantasy!

       In most major core classes you take, from high school forward, you will be asked to produce a research paper on a topic related to the course content.  Occasionally, the topic will be assigned, but, in most instances, you will have some options for selecting a topic.  This will be the first step, if you want to begin the path to research papers made easy!  Find some part of the course that has interested you most, and be certain that the topic you select is in that area.  If you do this, you will find that the next stage, the research, will not be so painful.

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       The research phase will involve locating and selecting resource materials that is specifically related to your topic and that you can easily read and study.  If you are a high school student, for example, you will not be reading doctoral dissertations on the topic.  You will need to find materials that are written for a reader at your level.  Search the Internet for source materials; visit your local library; look at the references listed at the back of your own textbook.  You will a great deal of material that is appropriate for you.  Select a variety, rather than all of one type.  And, if the topic is one in which you have at least some interest, the actual reading will be less painful!

       The next tip in our research papers made easy recommendationsis to be smart about taking notes from your resources.  Using index cards may seem “old school” to you, but it is still the most effective means for organizing your information later on.  Each note card should be confined to an author’s point about a category or sub-topic of your research.  Be certain to note the resource and page number at the top of each card.  Find any quotes that you like and be certain to write them down!  Once you have finished taking your notes, you need to organize those note cards by categories and sub-topics.  You will end up with several cards, all from different authors, related to each category.  Once you organize these cards by categories, you will be ready to create your outline, and it will be a relatively easy task.

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       Your outline can be as simple as the listing of your categories or sub-topics.  In what order will you place them?  Usually, you will want to move from the general to the specific or from the most important to the least important.  If you have organizes your note cards correctly, you will have the detail to place under each category.

       You are getting close, and the really time-consuming part of your research paper production is over.  It is time to write the first draft.  Don’t worry about the introduction and conclusion at this point.  You simply want to dig right in with the content you are presenting.  Follow your outline and write your paper.  Be careful about paragraph divisions, and be certain that each paragraph has a topic sentence.  Try to vary the length of your sentences.  When you want to make a really important point, use a short sentence.  Surround that sentence by longer ones of different types.  Once you have finished the first draft, have someone else read it and provide their opinions.  You can trade off this review with a fellow student, or find someone who is a good writer to help you out.  Edit the paper and any grammatical mistakes, and prepare the final draft.

       Now you are ready to write your introduction and conclusion.  The introduction should be much easier than if you had tried to write it at the beginning.  You have great understanding of your topic or research question, and you must now simply condense it into a compelling statement, usually one paragraph in length.  Your first sentence should be short and compelling, perhaps even a question. 

       The conclusion should wrap up what you have learned and state any implications of your research.  Are there generalizations that can now be made?  Are there implications for future research on this topic?  Tell the reader what you have told him/her and tell him what may be next.

       The final task is to be certain that your in-text references and your bibliography are in the correct format.   Any idea or concept, and, of course, any quotation, must be referenced by author, date of publication and page number.  The bibliography entries must follow the format required by your instructor.

       You are finished, step by step, and you now understand that research papers made easy is not a complete fantasy.  Yes, there will be work; yes, some parts will be tedious; but, if you complete each step carefully, your success is guaranteed!

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