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      The essay introduction needs to begin with a very general discussion about the subject of the essay and then lead into the thesis statement, which is the main point of the entire essay. Sometimes, it is good to begin an essay introduction with a challenging claim or an interesting story that will grab the attention of the reader. The thesis statement should be no more than two sentences, detailing what the argument of the paper is and what the main body paragraphs of the essay will be about.

       As an example, a student may be assigned to write an essay about why it is important to have airbags in all vehicles. The student may want to start the essay introductionby listing statistics regarding the number of car accidents in a given geographic location and the survival rates. Another way to grab attention is to write a fictional story about an individual who was in a car accident but their life was spared because they had an airbag. Then, the thesis statement would state the primary reasons of why airbags are recommended. Each reason would get its own paragraph in the body of the essay.

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       In most cases, the essay introduction must begin with an anecdote, example, striking fact, or a piece of data that will catch the attention of the reader. It needs to be related to the main subject of the essay and make a rather strong comment. If the essay is on methamphetamines, the essay might begin with a number of statistics regarding the abuse of this drug. Another way to start the essay introduction is to talk about how methamphetamines influence users. Remember that the essay introductionmust be relevant to the main focus of the essay and it does not misdirect the reader.

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       Writers need to make sure that they completely familiarize the reader with the subject of the essay. It is good to give a bit of background information about the topic. Taking the methamphetamine example, the essay introduction could give background information on what this drug is, basic problems created by this drug, and why it is a significant topic of conversation. The writer can answer questions like what it is, when did individuals first start using it, what is the drug made of, and why this drug is so harmful.

       These items will assist the writer in determining what their thesis statement will be. Most often, the thesis statement appears toward the end of an essay introduction. If there is no thesis statement in the essay introduction, then it can be seen as incomplete.

       Always keep in mind that the essay introduction must be written in a specific way that readers will want to continue on reading all the paper. The essay introduction must be also balanced, length-wise. If the whole paper is ten pages, the essay introduction should not be one measly paragraph. Conversely, if the essay paper is only two pages in length, the essay introduction should be no more than a short paragraph. If the essay is just one paragraph, the essay introduction should only be two or three sentences with the thesis statement.

       Many writers forget how important the essay introduction is to the whole essay. The opening paragraph familiarizes the subject to the reader and allows them to relate to what is being discussed in an informative manner. If there is no good essay introduction, the essay will not be good as the reader will not know where to focus. Therefore, it is essential to gather all the necessary tips that will assist on how to write a good essay introduction.

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