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A Correlation Between Information Technology Access and Economic Development

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There is a correlation between information technology access and economic development. However, in the developing world, there exist disparities in terms of information technology access between developed and the less developed world. Moreover, in the less developed world; these differences are reflected between urban and rural areas, with urban areas being prioritised to get access to information technology. These differences result from unethical practices by governments and influential political elites who influence the way access to information technology is distributed in their countries for their personal gains. People in the rural areas are deemed as not being in need of information technology thereby discriminating against them.

Access of information in the less developed world is dependent on education level and income. People with good education have a good income, which enable them to access information technology. Moreover, their education levels enable them to use the information to better their lives.

The gap in technological advancement between the developed and the less developed countries has posed a major ethical issue in the world. Businesses in the less developed world, in their attempt to match the competition in the world market have used unethical practices such as information gathering through dubious means such as spying and violating property rights. Such practices raise questions as to whether new ethical measures need to be put in place. However, what is more important is for the governments of these less developed countries to cultivate a culture of ethical practices in their nations in the whole population without discrimination.

A case in India has been used to show-case how non-discriminatory policies in distributing information technology infrastructure have transformed farmers in different villages. The farmers have access to information on new farming practices and prices in different markets. This enables them to make informed decisions thereby transforming their lives.

Buy custom A Correlation Between Information Technology Access and Economic Development essay

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