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Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay

       An argumentative essay aims to put across an arguement such as a theory, opinion or hypothesis and support it with enough proof and credible sources to convince the reader that it is the correct stance. Of course this is no easy task, and requires extensive research, writing skills and structure. Just because you put forward an opinion does not mean that you will be able to sway people that it is right. In an argumentative essay, the writer must show the reasons for their arguement, make inductions and then conclude why they are correct.

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       One successful way of convincing a reader is to apply the arguement to a situation along with facts, figures and sources.Therefore before you choose the subject of your arguement, make sure that there is enough evidence and factual information around that you can use to support your point. Without these there is no basis for the arguement and the argumentative essay will simply be an opinion and not an arguement at all.


       Every arguement that you put forward in the essay must be supported by evidence. In the introduction make sure to write thesis statement. This statement will be the basis for the whole essay, and you must keep referring back to it throughout. This will create a sound and strong arguement and will show the reader that you are not straying from the topic. Keep checking over what you are writing to ensure that it is staying close to your original thesis.

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