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     A research paper introduction can be the most important piece of a research work of any type.  For this reason, no student should even consider devising a research paper introduction until the research is completed and the body of the paper written.  There is no way anyone can know the thrust of a research paper introduction until s/he knows the salient points of the research and the write-up itself.  The introduction, then, is left until the end.

       The research paper will necessarily include the reading of a variety of resource materials, including books, journal articles, Internet content, academic writing and presentations of others, etc. From these sources, the student will glean the important categories of the topic and be able to categorize them in some fashion – order of importance, chronologically, equally important but separate facets – so as to prepare the outline for the actual writing. 

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     Once the writing is complete, the reader can then review the entire document and determine any conclusions to be made, make suggestions for future research, or perhaps determine that the research has allowed very definite conclusions.  This thought process will in turn determine the points to be made in the research paper introduction. 

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       Once the points of the introduction have been determined, the task becomes to write the section in a motivational and creative manner, so that an audience will be driven to read the entire work.  The writer must grab attention by an opening statement that is both intriguing and compelling and follow this statement with the research question, the thesis, or the general thrust of the paper to follow.

       Usually, a research paper introduction is a single paragraph and may vary in length dependent upon the complexity of the topic.  In some cases, however, an introduction may indeed encompass multiple paragraphs, as is often the case with a dissertation dealing with a number of sub-topics.

       Many students who are able to conduct excellent research and construct exceptional papers reach a “block” when they attempt to create an introduction that truly “works.”  In this case, invites them to upload their paper to a qualified writer on our staff and have a perfect research paper introduction written for them.  We are available any hour day or night, 7 days a week, and can usually have an introduction produced and delivered back to you within several hours, dependent upon the length of the work itself.  Contact us in any emergency!

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