Custom «When Nanotechnology Meets Robotics» Essay Paper

Custom «When Nanotechnology Meets Robotics» Essay Paper

Nanotechnology has the capability of playing an influential part in the current inventions. This is because of wide area that nanorobotics can contribute to their development. These areas include medicine, classic home appliances, and the manufacturing industry. With the coming of this technology, it is essential that individuals with no idea of how Nanotechnology functions strive to become conversant with how they work. Despite research indicating this field to be a futuristic field, various experiments and studies have taken place at an advanced level.  The ambition of making this field available to the public has pulled scientist together from various fields such as computer programming, medicine and engineering. Noticeably, this field of Nanorobotics has realized a rapid expansion and interest because of the benefits it avails to the medicine industry. However, not much development has been achieved in this field, but scientists in Japan and the United States have made a significant step.  Nanotechnology will enhance the current technology in various fields such as the space exploration applications, systems that use X-ray photons, computer memory chips, Genome applications for manipulating the DNA, Cell Probes, and Optical antennas. Basing on the speculations that Nanotechnology and Nanorobotics will accomplish it sure will be the next trendy thing.


            Nanorobotics is a term easily understood with those possessing technical knowledge in the field. However, Nanorobotics is a term that originates from two words, which are robotics and Nanotechnology. Therefore, for a thorough understanding of the topic, research asserts that definition for the words that contribute to the term Nanorobotics explained in detail.

            Nanotechnology, which contributes to the first part of the word Nanorobotics, refers to engineering that result in manufacturing or building of tiny machines at an atomic level. Two scientists namely Charles M. Lieber and Alexander Balandin orchestrated developments in this field. Their works were visible as early as 1959, and it was it the form of conceptualizations and theories. This field aims at reducing the size of structures or particles. It focuses on lessening the size of these structures and particles to the size, which humans’ naked eyes cannot visualize. The basic point is to reduce the size of large structures to tiny scales producing tiny objects.

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            On the other hand, robotics been a field of engineering specializes in the theoretical and practical areas of several disciplines such as manufacturing, designing, and construction. However, it focuses on these areas on both moving and mobile machines. According to research, this field is not that developed like the Nanotechnology. This is because the theoretical perspectives of robots commenced practicality as recent as the 1960s. This concept has undergone significant growth that many industrial applications utilize robotics in their everyday works.  In the home environment, though, no significant developments regarding robotics are recognized. Noticeably, Nikola Tesla has contributed immensely in promoting Robotics as a major field in engineering and science.

            The definition of Nanotechnology and Robotics helps understand Nanorobotics easily. Therefore, from the two definitions Nanorobotics entails the development of technology in engineering involving robotics and technology. It comprises of science and engineering of making tiny robots close to microscopic levels utilized in various practical fields. Significant milestone in Nanorobotics involve nanoids, nanorobots, which are also referred to as nanohumans.

The Concept behind Nanotechnology

            According to an interview on nanotechnology and photonics by Veselago, the first step to achieving a functioning nanorobot is to come up with an assembly line containing nanorobots. Nanomachine are essential for these nanorobots, although it is estimated that these Nanomachines take a long time to b converted to fully functioning nanorobots. The nanomachines are instrumental though in reduction of manufacturing time through replication and formation of many assemblers, which aid in coming up with Nanorobot in the shortest period possible. Research asserts that the advantage associated with the many assemblers is that they can manipulate a structure at the level of molecules and atoms, which eventually enable a machine to work (Bhatia).

            The book Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics assert that nanotechnology is essential for research purposes. This is through the things that can be conceptualized through Nanotechnology. For instance, Sattler indicates in his book that scientists can conceptualize an insect smaller in size than an ant. This is christened a mechanized Microant, which comes in different designs and models. Such a Microant will contain eyes fitted with cameras essential for feeding the researchers back with information, as this Microant can be send to deeper grounds for purposes of research. Further reports from the book indicate that the conceptualized insect should be able to go as deep as ten kilometers beneath the earth’s surface, and it should do this through finding cracks beneath the ground and avoiding blocked passages. This is a great discovery in the field of science, as it opens up new areas that were inaccessible for research (Veselago).

            Nanorobotics also plays an essential role in the field of medicine. The book Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics assert that scientists have been able to come up with DNA strands. The book also indicates that, with further research in the area of Nanomedicine, scientist will achieve milestones in the medical area that seem like unachievable dreams now. Some of the feats that can be achieved in the medical area include repairing of torn tissues, curing of cancerous growths, and creation of artificial blood.

            Another key area in medicine where Nanotechnology influences medicine immensely is through Nanobots. The picture below depicts the stream of Nanobots on the human body.

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Nanobots form a significant milestone in the field of medicine through the combination of Nanotechnology and Robotics. With nanobots, different applications significant for treatment are present. With these applications at hand, research asserts that it is easier to treat organisms present in the human body that cannot be located through the use of surgery. Noticeably, this will enable doctors in keeping at bay diseases that are hard to treat such as diabetes and cancer.

            Sattler also indicates in his book that, with the approval of nanotechnology, the fight against cancer will be worn because of the effectiveness and ease associated with nanorobots. This effectiveness and ease associated with nanorobots is because of their capability, to fight cancer cells directly while at the same time reducing the side-effects associated with cancer. Predictions indicate that curing of cancer and other malignant diseases will improve further because research has extended further to the nanoscopic field.

            Other prospective areas where nanobots utilization will take place include environmental clean-ups involving oil and water pollution and toxic wastes on land or water like oil spills. Nanobots will be utilized by industries in the creation of materials requiring artificial and specified finishing. Making of artificial materials will become safer through the use of nanobots. There will a significant achievement technology wise as predictions of advancement in computer chips, Microscopic parts of the mobile phone with powerful processors. All these will be achieved through the conceptualized applications of Nanobots. There is also an indication that nanobots will aid in manufacturing of foods. This will be a significant milestone because that will mean elimination of famine and deaths caused by famine. An immense improvement in other fields that is predicted with the coming of this technology includes plastic materials, car paints,, and stronger building structures.

            However, several implications will arise with the adoption of nanotechnology. These include health and environmental issues described as unintended. For instance, a dangerous product associated with nanotechnology involves silver nanoparticles. Research indicates that these silver nanoparticles are bacteriostatic in nature, and they harm beneficial bacteria essential for the breakage of organic matter in plants and farms. Another implication associated with nanotechnology is the carbon nanotubes, which are harmful to humans especially when inhaled. Research indicates that they do have the capability of causing mesothelioma. Therefore, a thorough regulation from the governments will be necessary to ensure that nanotechnology is utilized to safe extents and that nanoparticles is not overused in organic foods.

            Other areas that form risks associated with nanotechnology include networked cameras, weapons of mass destruction, and faster development of other weapons. This forms a risk because nanotechnology basic indicate that if nanotechnology is utilized in these areas, countries will posses weapons of mass destruction not traceable by the UN, which poses a security threat to the world. The capability of making many weapons at a time will also promote violence between ethnic groups and countries. The use of networked cameras will promote a lot of spying leading to conflicts between countries.

            Because of these contradicting influences associated with nanotechnology, there has been a raging debate, as to whether their adoption should be mandated or not.

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            In conclusion, nanotechnology and robotics are becoming popular worldwide with indications of complex developments in 20 to 30 years to come. Research indicates that joining of technologies between nanotechnology and robotics will result to complex nanorobotics essential for achievement of several feats in the world. For instance, nanorobots will benefit the research industry, as it will lead to opening up of areas that normal research could not penetrate. An example in this field includes the manufacture of Microant cameras capable to penetrate tiny holes in the ground. These nanorobots will be able to do this, as they will have eyes fitted with cameras that will feed the researchers with information. Another area where nanotechnology will influence most is medicine. Various benefits result with adopting nanorobotics in medicine such as the possibility to treat cancer, diabetes and other malignant diseases. Nanobots also influence the medicine area because they have the capability to fight cancer cells directly while at the same time reducing the side effects associated with cancer.

            If adopted, nanotechnology will also influence other areas such as the creation of weapons and gadgets that will have super-high speeds. These gadgets include computer microchips and phones with faster processors. The world will benefit with an improved car paint, and improved production of farm produces associated with nanotechnology. However, there have been some implications regarding the adoption of nanotechnology, which relates to environmental and health concerns. Complains have emerged that adoption of the nanotechnologies will result to problems linked with weapons of mass destruction, networked cameras that will aid spying, and the possibility of creation of many weapons at the same time. The problem relating to making of many weapons at the same time is that elimination of an ethnic group or community will be easier and faster.

            This shows that nanotechnology is best for people with positive intentions that promote the development of humans, while at the same time taking care of environment and human health. Basing on the benefits related to the adoption of nanotechnology and the implications mentioned nanotechnology appears to be the future technology because the world is facing complex challenges, which can be sorted through the use nanotechnology.

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