Custom «Webpage Critique» Essay Paper

Custom «Webpage Critique» Essay Paper

A website and more specifically a webpage is a narration that gives information on various topics and issues. Any webpage should give sufficient and accurate information based on facts and not assumptions. A webpage should also be clear and simple. This means that information must be easily accessed and navigation through the webpage should be simple enough. It is a fact that most college-level researches largely depend on information obtained from websites. This means that websites form an essential part of the higher education system (see Bitler, Rankin and Schrass). A webpage should be engaging and not just a series of statements. The webpage should also provide graphics to better explain their topic and give a good first impression to the reader. Any links on a webpage ought to provide more information on the topic. There should be no dead links or links that are not connected to the topic, as this would be a grave mistake in web designing (Whitney). This paper will provide a critique of two related web pages. Both pages are on homosexuality and Christianity, with each page giving different perspectives on the issue. The pages are available on christiangays.com and electrosnap.com/views/sin.php.

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Webpage critique

            The home page of the website christiangays.com gives a first good impression of the website. The reader immediately knows the general content of the site with the first statement on the page, which implies that it is possible to be gay and Christian. The author also gives the main premise of the website. This is to invite the reader to read more on the subject. If it is a research that a student is for example conducting, the page immediately informs one of its relevance so as to not waste time looking for information. The page also has photos of happy-looking people, which gives a sense of Christianity. Te graphics are well laid out so as to not confuse or distract the reader. The flags of different countries at the top of the page also give a sense of unity and universality. That means that the website is meant for different people from all over the world. This also gives a sense of hospitality of the author. The page also validates its facts with bible verses which are highlighted in red. This immediately draws the reader to the verses which are the main source of information. The information given on the page is also very coherent and it has a flow. 

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            The Salvation page on homosexuality on the website electrosnap.com gives a totally different message from the aforementioned christiangays.com home page. The webpage is designed quite differently from the first one. The first notable difference is that there is no use of graphics. There are no photos; only a background of a bible. This means that there are no showy designs that confuse a reader. The page also verifies its assertions using bible verses. The website also gives a step by step layout of the information.

            The information given on the electrosnap.com page is more accurate in terms of giving specific examples from the bible where homosexuality is prohibited. The christiangays.com home page is more welcoming and uses friendly language but the information given on Christianity and homosexuality is general. It does not give specific verses that are directly linked to homosexuality. They even give inaccurate information stating that the bible does not mention the word homosexuality. For a student studying theology or any student researching on what the bible says about homosexuality, the electrosnap.com website would be more informative. The website has other links to be followed on the website whhich provide more information on the subject. There are also discussions offered on the site where the reader is engaged in the topic. The views of the reader are in this way incorporated in the website. The reader thus feels engaged and included.

              The argument given on the electrosnap.com webpage is however one-sided. It only presents one side of the argument that homosexuals should be condemned as sinners. The language used on the site is not friendly; it almost seems as though the author is condemning the reader.

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            Both the pages on christiangays.com and electrosnap.com have good and bad features. The web pages are informative in their own ways and their designs are also quite different. Smashing Editorial identifies that a good web design should have certain features one of them being quality and credibility. The content in a webpage should be of high quality and reliable. The information should be beneficial to the reader and should not be biased. The electrosnap.com gives unbiased opinion on the view of the bible on Christianity. The information on this web page is raw and the facts are given as they are in the bible. There is no sugar coating. The christiangays.com homepage on the other hand is more sympathetic to the feelings of homosexuals. Therefore the author gives only bible verses that are generally talking about God’s love and not specifically on homosexuality. The electrosnap.com page does not concentrate on the design of the page it only concentrates on the content. However the christiangays.com home page has a better and attractive design than the electrosnap.com. It is important that any webpage provides correct information so as to benefit those who rely on internet technology to conduct research. 

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