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Virus Technology

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A computer virus cause serious damages to the computer and can even go to the extent of damaging, overwrite the hard drive part or corrupting the stored files the computer systems. In order to prevent these damages, the virus in the computer needs to be located and stopped. One of the easiest ways of detecting whether a computer has any viruses is essentially the signs of the computer system becoming slower than before. Viruses get located via the help of an anti virus software program. The located viruses get stopped and removed via the complete scanning of all the files in the computer and finally removing or quarantine any of the found virus. Some of the best anti virus programs include such as the Norton, Kaspersky or Mc Fee.

A firewall is a system that protects all the computer systems from the deliberate hostile interruption that could result to corruption of the data in the computer files. A firewall exists in hardware and a software form and it runs on a host computer that is secure for virus threats. The network layer and the application layer are the two basic types of firewalls. The network layer firewall principally creates their decision on the basis of the source the destination of the IP addresses and the all the computer ports. The application layer firewalls are basic hosts that run on the proxy servers and their role is to hinder the traffic flow in a direct manner between the networks. These firewalls also carry out the sorting and auditing of passing through the system. Any individual who is accountable for a private network that links to a public network requires the firewall protection. In addition, any individual who uses the internet on his or her personal computer should have a firewall program for the security purposes.

Buy custom Virus Technology essay

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