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It is of paramount importance, to save your work in any software application. It good to train yourself to save work most often because a computer or server may crash and it cannot let you know that it’s going to do so. Data backup is of paramount importance. Vital files are accidentally deleted all the time. Critical data can become corrupt. Natural disasters may ruin your office.  Backed with a concrete backup and recovery plan, you can improve from any of these. Devoid of one, you are left with nothing, but a failed system and lost data.

Closing a File, Exit Files or Applications

Closing a file

After you save the file properly, you can either opt to close the file and leave the application window open. Closing a file from the menu selects File, then Close or the “X” button on the upper right corner of the window.

Exiting the Application

You can choose to exit the application too. Exiting the application, from the menu select File, then Exit or use “X” button at the upper right of the title bar of the window (eHow, 2009).

Backup, File Synchronization, Restore Point, and Recovery Disk


Backup, is copying of files, to a second medium i.e. a diskette, zip drive, or tape as a safety measure in case the first medium fails. You can back up files either using operating system commands, and special-purpose backup utilities. Compress data to save space and cost (Radiant communications, 2011).

File Synchronization

File Synchronization, is the process to ensure folders stored in two or more separate locations, contain the same updated files. In case you delete, update, or add a file from one location, the synchronization process will delete, update, or add the same file at the other location.

Restore Point

Restore point, is basically a previous state of a working system, before you encountered a severe system problem. It is basically in a computer hard drive.

Recovery Disk

Recovery disc is a media containing a backup of the original factory setup, or favored condition of a computer as configured by an original computer manufacturer or an end-user (Radiant communications, 2011).

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