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The Technology of Dynamics Inc.

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The technology of Dynamics Inc. has produced efficient next-generation interactive payment cards with inbuilt magnetic stripes that are programmed to communicate dynamic information that has been vital in the daily transactions through payment cards.

In order to maintain its competitive advantage in the industry, Dynamics Inc. should aim at creating and improving its technologies that can allow for new innovations to make the company produce new products in the market. The card issuers should introduce new card-based technologies with new functionalities to various segments of cardholders. For instance, clients can have various choices of transactions and the cards should be able to deliver the transaction-oriented choices at the points where sales are made to the issuers of the cards. This is a highly sensitive social interaction between the card issuers and the consumers.

Fraudsters can be prohibited from stealing the credit cards by using the Dynamic credit card. This device protects the cardholders by preventing theft through the merchant servers since it is able to automatically write unique codes into the magnetic stripe to all purchases made in-store. These security codes are improved because they have replaced the previous security codes that were printed physically on cards.

In conclusion, Dynamics Inc should prevent imports of technology which has been the main avenue from other developers to imitate technology through reverse engineering. This will enable the company to prevent the imitation capacity and improve the technological know-how of Dynamics Inc’s efficient next-generation interactive payment cards. In addition, it should ensure that the technology is improved with other anti-fraud innovations.

Buy custom The Technology of Dynamics Inc. essay

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