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The Impact of Industrial Technology

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The sheer imagination of a world without industrial technology is devastating, considering the role that these technologies have had on industrial revolution. Before these technologies were invented, both children and adult members of the society had to toil from dawn to dark in order to provide sufficient food, shelter and clothing for all. However, the advent of industrial technology has had an unimaginable impact on the environment of work as well as the manner in which people work.

The impacts of industrial technology on the human environment were felt during the first industrial revolution. During this period, revolutionary agricultural techniques, improved methods of iron manufacture and coal production, as well as advanced textile machines were introduced. These advances completely changed the human environment because people were not used to such technologies. The second industrial revolution changed the environment further through the introduction of steamship and railroad transportation, chemicals and other agricultural machinery. Man was compelled to use these technologies in farming and transportation thus changing the environment.

Currently, many people do not depend on others to sustain their own existence.  By embracing technology, people have been able to specialize in specific kinds of work. Unlike the “jack of all trades” of the 19th century, technology enables a typical office worker or factory worker to concentrate on a small bit of work that would otherwise be completed by many people. In the past, people had to use a lot of strength while working because one had to work alone or in small groups to accomplish strenuous activities. Industrial technology has altered this trait of work. Because of industrial technology, Work has now become a repetitive phenomenon that rarely requires an individual’s full muscular ability.

Industrial technology has enabled many people to reap the fruits of their toil. For example, the existence and growth of the automobile industry provided people with a ready market for their raw materials such as leather, rubber, lead, sheet steel and zinc. Moreover, industrial technology provided numerous employment opportunities. For instance, the growth of the automobile industry led to the initial employment of 10,000 persons by 1905. The advent of industrial technology also led to urbanization, which allowed more and more people to relocate to major cities because of the gains that come with technology.

Industrial technology has also led to the even distribution of the labor force. Rather than hiring many people to complete a certain task, many organizations can now complete more complex production processes with less people together with technology. Additionally, industrial technology has transformed the manner in which goods are being produced. Unlike in previous years, companies can now produce goods en mass. Unfortunately the mass production of goods only benefits the employers and not employees. Automobile and transportation industry has impacted people in a positive way. Rather than using slow means of transport to and from work, many people can now drive for miles to work. Since industrialization and the use of technology led to lying-off of workers, wage cuts and other forms of employee exploitation, unionism was embraced by many employees to counteract and fight this unnecessary exploitation.

Buy custom The Impact of Industrial Technology essay

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