Custom «Technology Should Be Used to Enhance not Replace Human Intelligence» Essay Paper

Custom «Technology Should Be Used to Enhance not Replace Human Intelligence» Essay Paper

With the introduction of future progress in science and technology, it seem that more decision making will be an issue that can only be addressed by the machines that continue to be invented. This acquires evidence in the systems like military which electronic sensors continue to uphold the perfect flight uniqueness in advanced aircraft. The intricacy of the current evolution is far too multifaceted for human systems to sustain without the assistance of the electronic computer technologies. Many people see technology as a solution to some of the many problems experienced in the world today.  This is indispensable that technology can be used for good, but the developments in technology also occur with some challenges being posed to human race.

            Technological advancement in the current years has been viewed as a substitute to human intelligence. Many people have in the current times shifted to the technology as the performer of many tasks in the expense of people, a situation that is causing brain drain on many people globally. The ease of viewing many materials online is limiting the capacity through which people can use their intelligence in searching answers to the many questions and issues that they may require to settle.

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            Technology should be used to enhance people intelligence and not to replace it. The society today seems to be more motivated by the technological advancements and imperatives in the culture. It has been argued that the establishment of artificial intellect is the unavoidable aftermath of an evolutionary progression that created individuals who developed to generate the technology that is highly outstripping the human race at a swift speed.

            While technology is valuable and can provide solutions to whatever problem posed to the human race, it should not be a total answer to all problems. It should be seen as a device that was devised with the aim of enhancing human knowledge and not replacing it. Many people have currently become over reliant on technology and the lon run effect and challenge that ids got as an outcome is the reduction in the sound human decision making. Many of the people, especially the children born after the immense use of technology, have no idea of how the world looked like in the early times. In America, mostly, accepting the Verichip technology could theoretically have long reaching consequences in terms of what future laws become passed.

            The cutting edge and modern science and technology have moved, in its aims to beyond relief of man’s estate to the elimination of human beings and their capacity to perform most tasks. Technology should enhance human intelligence by adding value to human learning and experience, not only making things more convenient. The learning arena has been significantly narrowed to a computer cocoon. Currently, in leisure activities, many people have shifted to computers as a n alternative to learning the games.

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             The computer technology has become more widely used in this scene than the school environment learning. Most of the processes and activities that had over long time been done manually through human intellectual capacities have turned to the improvised technologies that are substantially reducing their capacity. Most of the research today is being done online through the implemented technology through sites such as Google. People have immensely deviated from the manual and conventional ways of doing research and today they depend on the already established research. This has to greater extent reduced people’s capacity to think. The government should rise up to fund most of the research that improves the lives of the citizens and do away with the technological advancement advances that reduce and limit people’s thinking capacities.

            In America, empirical literatures have suggested that the existing use of the current technology is reducing the intelligence of many people. Many people today spend their times in computers relatively to the time used in reading and doing constructivve tasks. Most of the activities that are done in the computers are not the activities geared towards improving on the thinking of the people. This has increased the illiteracy of the people by a great percentage. The young people also grow and gain knowledge mostly through computers as opposed to the knowledge that could be acquired through the manual ways or school work. This makes the children to grow with a reduced mental reliability posing a threat to the situation in the child’s performance in schools.

            Recent research shows that there is a reduction the funds that were since time allocated to research since 1970.  Chief problems in the world could be unraveled by using technology if the government financed research at passed levels. Current statistics show that more of the technology is only being used in the devising of Military weapons. The technology through this aspect is seen to be promoting the bad activities in the expense of the constructive activities. Several improvements could be made even in the area of health if the funding was increased and cure to several diseases can be acquired.

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             Technology, therefore should not be used to substitute human intelligence and capabilities, but should enhance their intelligence adding more value to their lives. Although there are some affirmative depictions of artificial brainpower that assist advance people’s lives, there are also numerous off-putting ones that seek out to substitute human survival.  The current movements in technology are making people be losers of the basic human skills by the immense embrace of the modern technological; advancement. The devastating worry is the speed by which technology is making human beings slaves of its usage as opposed to master. Though technological innovations are important and helpful, care should be taken in understanding the challenges it is posing to human beings and the future implications. Human beings therefore, should not use technology as a substitute to their intelligence, but as supplements and enhancement to their intelligence.

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