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Technology in the Elementary Classroom

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More and more children are becoming tech-savvy because of the immense technological expansion and improvement in the recent year. As a result, teaching has become more challenging because teachers find it difficult to reach out for children in classrooms without involving some degree of technology in their lesson plans. Experts hold that when children use technology as a support or tool for learning or communicating with others, they assume an active role rather than the traditional role or recipients of information from textbooks, teachers and broadcast.

By embracing technology in Florida elementary classrooms, children would be provided with a rare opportunity of actively making important choices on how to obtain, generate, manipulate and display information on their own. Technology use will also enable them to define their own goals, make important decisions, and evaluate their progress while at a tender age. Additionally, embracing technology in Florida elementary school will help in redefining the teacher’s role as well. With technology, teachers will no longer be considered as the dispenser of information, but instead, assume the role of a facilitator, who sets project goals and provide resources and guidelines that will support various students’ activities. As the children work on their technology-supported activities, the teacher will be moving around the classroom, looking over shoulders and posing questions regarding various design choices to the delight of the children. There are various ways that a teacher can use technology in an elementary classroom. For example, a teacher can introduce the students to different web activities; take them to a virtual field trip, ask the students to make presentations and games (Cohen, 2009).  It goes without saying that the introduction of technology in Florida elementary classrooms will come with immense benefits to both the teacher and the children.

It is believed that the introduction of technology in elementary schools enhances technical skills. Students, even at this tender age can attain impressive levels of skills with a variety of computer software (Fisher, Dwyer, & Yokam, 2006). Despite the fact that the specific software tools in use might change before these children enter the job market, being exposed to technology early provides them with a solid foundation of understanding how different classes of computer tools operate and behave. In turn, this builds confidence because they will be able to use new tools that will support their future learning of new software and hardware applications.

Apart from enhancing the pupils’ technical skills, the introduction of technology in elementary schools gives pupils an opportunity to accomplish more complex tasks at a tender age. Research indicates that students who have been exposed to technology while in elementary schools can handle more complex tasks and assignments. Moreover, such students can handle higher-order skills as a result of the capabilities and supports that are provided by technology (Bers, 2007). Another impact of technology on elementary school children cited by many teachers is an increased inclination by the young student to provide peer tutoring as well as work cooperatively. It can be noted that when a student is assigned to individual computer, there is an increased frequency of this child to help others with their work.  This is because any student who has mastered a certain computer skill derives fulfillment, enjoyment and pride from helping others

In conclusion, teachers should be very careful with the content that students get exposed to. There are some contents that children are not allowed to see or use because of their negative effect on small children. Such content include, but not limited to violence and pornography. It is argued that such content can affect the psychological and moral development of a child. 

Buy custom Technology in the Elementary Classroom essay

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