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Technologies aimed at genetic interventions especially in human cells should also be stopped. Altering a person’s somatic cells for example, is just making a change that will die with him, but altering one’s germ cell brings about a change that will live on for generations to come. The advantages may seem good, because this treats the root of the problem in that problems that could have been passed on to the next generation are corrected. This is a control aimed at preventing future suffering and also eliminates the need for interventions in future at the somatic level. This intervention in essence aims at not only the illness of one person but at shaping the nature of those who will come after him. This therefore affects humankind. We should say no to such interventions even if they look beneficial. This so called man’s power over nature is turning out to be a power wielded by some men over others using nature as their instrument, this ends up to be bondage. These dehumanizing actions will not necessary be done by evil men, but by those moved by the thirst for fame, knowledge and power.

This is a devil that we can avoid. Brave New World depicts a society that is based on drugs and conditioning. A world where beings are born into pods of 96 identical embryos that are assigned a specific class that defines one’s life, job, what he wears and many other things. This view of society in which humans dehumanize themselves and take away their creativity and freedoms that defines them should not be encouraged. Today’s world has seen technology that has impacted fear in its people through things like surveillance, strategies of perpetual war aimed at convincing people to surrender their humanity and submit to regimes that observe and control them. Technology has seen rights of people being violated; people are placed in jails, showing that any powerful technology in the wrong hands changes its good attributes into evil ones (Peters, 2008).

As it has been shown, technology brings with it advantages and risks to the well being of human beings. It is not that we are objecting to what is technologically done by claiming that it interferes with nature. This largely depends on how one defines nature. If you see nature as everything that happens, then we should not worry at all because one can not change what happens. But if nature is taken to be what happens without human intervention, a definition that we should strongly support, then the only way that humankind can stop interfering with nature is doing nothing at all. All this technologies that are emerging aimed at changing what nature has offered us should then stop. Or if it is a must to carry out technological advances, then all this technological research into genetics and nanotechnology should be aimed at improving the health and well being of human kind. It should be designed in ways that follow the ethical and moral values of the society that we live in today.

Buy custom Technologies essay

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