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Technological Solutions for Companies

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The following is a list of recommended technological solutions that address the needs of a company. One, network designing and consulting where it involves designing the network so that a company can be more profitable and productive. Two, on-site retainer service, ensures that every month the network is fixed and updated or troubleshot. It ensures good maintenance. Remote retainer is the other solution. This is where the network and computers used in a company are serviced on a monthly basis by ensuring that the network is well maintained thus increasing productivity by reducing network problems and down time. Four, remote management service enables the provision of technology and tools that are required for administering and monitoring the network from a location that is remote. With this, a company can receive daily administrations and automated monitoring and hence there will be higher productivity.

Five, network mapping ensures that the systems in a company have the best software and hardware installed. This is done through upgrading, technological advances and software licenses. Six, remote backup solutions for companies that use high speed internet connection. This ensures that in the event that there is a tape or software drive failure, the information of a company will still be protected. Seven, security consulting whereby group permissions, firewalls, password security and access policies are protected. Seven is the mobile information service. This allows the employees of a company to work from a client site or from home that the internet can be accessed. Through this meetings and conferences can be successfully held through wireless means. Spam solution is the final technological solution that companies require. Through this, email messages can be monitored for offensive content or for viruses. An anti-virus solution and email content checking is recommended to ensure security of the network and mail server. Spam solution and security consulting can be easily implemented at Plainview because they are cheap, yet very vital because they ensure that the company has its privacy.

A closed system is not available to the public. One can become a member of collective that is already in existence or create his own which should act in accordance with businesses practices that are common.

Buy custom Technological Solutions for Companies essay

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