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Technical Communication Methods and Practices

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Technology plays a significant role in the advancing criminal justice system especially at a time when crime perpetrated is becoming complicated by advancement in technological know how. Technical communication tools are very essential in facilitating a successful communication between the organizations officers and the dispatch center.  Tele-communicators employ a variety of tools to enable one obtain usable information. Generally, most technical communicators use a variety of tools that have independent forums that provides varying levels of support or technical assistance. Some of the tools include word processors like frame makers and the word, graphic programs, desktop publishing software among other technical tools that promotes communication other than writing, editing, graphic design, video, indexing or structural design. All these tools foster a practical communication that instructs, persuades or insists in performance of certain task or set of tasks.

 The process of communication in criminal justice system entails establishment of areas of responsibility as well as an explicit delegation of duties and most justice administrators prefer formal system of communication as they are able to control it while able to create records essential for future reference. Ways of communication in the system include, downward, upward and horizontal with all movements of communication referring to the hierarchy or the chain of command. Technology is deeply integrated in the judicial justice system as every facet of it has some technological advancement especially in the information systems technology designed to collect and compare evidence as well as the criminal records and statistics. Some of the important informational technologies in the agency are the fingerprint analysis, video surveillance forensic pathology and genetics.

In the future the interrelationship between criminal justice system and technology is expected to continue to grow as long as there are new developments in technology. For instance some technologies created for task performed by the criminal system like technology of drug testing will most probably see further advances. e.g. the use of sweat patches and more in-depth hair test to test drug use in ways that are less invasive while able to obtain more information.  Some of the future technologies that are not currently available that will allow further communication in the agency include holograms for both tele-presence aspects as well as showing of virtual evidence without fear of subjecting contamination or to it for the case of a weapons or object. Also, some new technologies of affiliating accurate lie detection which will be very handy in interrogation. Finally, are the technologies pertaining to universal translator which allows one to communicate with other without having to speak many languages.

Buy custom Technical Communication Methods and Practices essay

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