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Software Development Organization

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The software development firm addressed in this paper is called Agape programmers. This company has a management style that is bother strict and flexible at the same time. The leadership also allows for open as well as controlled modes of management. In regard to the internal process model, the competitive value framework calls for a lot of strictness in management.  Agape programmers implement this strictness during new employee recruitment. All applicants are always vetted by a panel to ascertain their degree of competence. The interviewers only pick the best candidate who will deliver in the job. However upon recruitment, the Agape Programmers management always enforces good relationship within the organization. All the programmers are serviced with the expectations and the objectives of the organization. This has helped to foster commitment.

Good relationships should be advocated for. The workers need to be encouraged and motivated. Healthy interpersonal relationship and motivation are key elements for boosting the performance of the employee which in turn affects the profitability of the organization positively. Agape Programmers does this motivation by way of remitting good salaries and allowances. All employees always have access to free medical services whenever need arises. Agape Programmers have very strict team of managers whose main objective is to see the organization grow to greater heights. Any development process must be planned and well designed. This level of planning caters for rational goal model in Competitive value framework. No software can be designed successfully without proper planning.

Agape Programmers create allowance for open systems model whenever programmers are working on a system. Each person is allowed to contribute and forward their suggestions. This creates a sense of ownership among the programmers. Agape Programmers has developed and will continue to excel as a result of this great move. 

Buy custom Software Development Organization essay

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