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Setting up a Help Desk

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The number of people who want access to information and technology has soared over the years. This being the case, several organizations that offer information technology services are faced with the challenge of helping end users demystify technological problems. One of the effective ways to curb this challenge would be to set up a help desk.  Such a support help desk will inform the users on how to handle technological difficulties.

Perhaps the greatest challenge therefore, is how an organization can set up an effective help desk. Bayan R. (2004) indicates that in setting up a help desk, the organization should have a well defined mission on why they are setting it up. Once your mission is well outlined, then put into consideration the advantages and disadvantages of having packaged technologies to having custom technologies.

You should be able to look at the size of your organization in terms of what services you offer your clientele and profit margins. From this point, there is a great need to find out the type of help desk that should be set up. For example, a large organization that aims at expanding more in terms of service provision and customer base should seek to establish a call center that has full-scale applications such as an automatic call distributor (ACD).

Setting of goals is important as it enables the organization track its success rate. For instance, if the reason for setting up a help center is to enlighten people on how to use the product, then the desk manager can do a random check on the recorded conversations. This can help to find out if the same person called more than once to make an inquiry on the same subject.

Another strategy for a successful help desk would be to ensure that there is sufficient space among the people who are working at the help desks. If you have them crowded in one place, then the flow of the conversation is hindered. There are many times when I call a help desk center and during a conversation, I hear another voice seeping through the conversation. Not only is this disrupting, but it is also very unprofessional. A call center should be well spaced to allow for privacy. If there isn’t enough room for privacy, then the calls should have a machine that has functioning units like the “pause” and “mute” button so that the caller can be assured of privacy.

For a help center to be effective, it is important that the organization hires people who are skilled in communication, and who have the right attitude for the job. There is nothing as annoying as calling a help center and having the person responding to you give you a rude and grumpy response. The help center managers should ensure that the people working at the desks are motivated to do the work. This can be through good enumeration and having team building activities to build their morale in the job. However, it is not only important that you have people at the desk who are effective communicators – they also need to have skills and knowledge on the subject that they are handling.

There is nothing as irritating as calling a help center and having your calls being thrown from one person to another in an attempt to solve your problem. Organizations dealing with Information technology should endeavor to employ people who have a vast knowledge in technology so as to serve the customers better.

Buy custom Setting up a Help Desk essay

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