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Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is a firm leader in the field of plastic inoculation molding. With condition-of-the art design functionalities, they generate innovative plastic designs that have gained international acclaim. The following are the network security functions required in the Riordan inventory and manufacturing systems. The first concern is that the industry has incomplete network documentation. The available network topology does not illustrate component location of the switches, routers, hubs, clients and servers. Furthermore, no computer node and port identification; in addition, there are no network security procedures and policies in place. Within Riordan Manufacturing Inc.’s network security preparation is the network safety measures plan for Inventory and Manufacturing Systems (IMS). Particularly, this plans intention is ensure the integrity and quality of IMS data all through the IMS process, from inserting the order for unprocessed materials, receiving of the raw resources, warehousing and enactment of raw materials, manufacturing and assemblage, packaging, back to store and, lastly shipping. Network security plans characteristically include the following, Firewall, VPN, Traffic shaping, Antivirus, Intrusion prevention system (IPS), Antispyware. The network security necessary functions are twofold, Internal and External transversely multiple applications and procedures as well as several locations throughout the surrounding. After a careful team review of current network security at Riordan Manufacturing Inc., deliberation was given to a complete system, refurbish, but was decided besides the enormousness of such a responsibility was beyond the extent of the Service Request. Riordan Manufacturing should spend in putting into place an automated structure for handling the inventory and manufacturing processes.


Most of these security requirements are addressed by the accessible system. However, with the accumulation t of RFID there are fresh security concerns consequential from the wireless nature or the invention such as RFID in Manufacturing, 2004. As a result, security practices such as data protection, authentication, and authorization need to be fully implemented for proper access management of the system. The above concerns need to be implemented to address the necessary network in security of the company.

Buy custom Riordan Manufacturing essay

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