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Peter Blackmore Information Technology

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Peter Blackmore, a head of high-end hardware sales was set up to fail from the very beginning because new computer systems started working immediately he was fired by Palo Alto, a computer and printing company based in California. Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina confirmed this at a conference in banc of American scurrilities at San Francisco. In Peter Blackmore’s era, an unacceptable execution occurred in HP while shifting to new costumer systems that were meant to facilitate the processing of orders and management of supplies for servers and storage products.

Firing Peter Blackmore as a result of the debacle in the system installation was a bad thing for him but a good thing for the company as it was a damage control tool and an assurance to its investors, customers, board of directors and its employees. The HP Company’s good image was starting to get ruined because a customer among the many others was testifying about the better services Dell Computer Corporation was offering. Chris Lopinto, a CEO of Hillcrest Technologies in Patchogue New York also complained about the server he got from HP 8 months after he ordered it and it still had not been preinstalled with the operating system it was meant to have. The company would risk losing its customers if its competitors made a step of visiting HP customer sites and urged to meet the complaining customers and convinced them into striking a deal where they would offer them with high end hardware business with promises of timely and error free sales order.

It’s common that if we want something done, we better do them ourselves. Carly Fiorina should have gotten involved in the order-processing project in order to show his dedication towards the IT change as this would restore full confidence to Hewlett-Packard fraternity. This would make him appreciate both successes and failures emerging from that department because firing an employee for not delivering and more, so failing to give the same employee a second chance is not the way forward. Her involvement would also remove political barriers, organizational roadblocks and vendor related issues in its goal to thwart competitive threats. 

Buy custom Peter Blackmore Information Technology essay

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