Custom «Overly Dependent on Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «Overly Dependent on Technology» Essay Paper


The wave of technology has caused the society to become more dependent on it, especially in 21st century. This  is  because of  the  manner  in which  technology  has proved  to  be very  effective  as well as facilitating  the  ease  of  doing  things. Technology ranges  from  the  time  of  agrarian  revolution,  then  came   industrialization to now  the  famous  information  society. During agrarian revolution, technology was very essential for instance  for  tilling  land and also lighting  fire which  was  used  as  a form  of  energy  during  those  times (Ambrose, 2001). Again, during industrialization, technology also proved to be useful  in  substituting  manpower  and  using  machines  to  do  the same  jobs  which  were  initially  done  by  human  being.

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The same jobs which  were   done  by  human  being  could  now  be  done  using  machines  and  as  a result  could  be  finished  faster  and  effectively. Today, people are living in a society which is dominated by information. This  is  referred  to  as  information  society  and   people  are  said  to  live  in  a  digital age. This essay aims to discuss the extent to which people have become dependent on their day to day activities including how organizations make  use  of  technology  in  an  attempt  of  competitive  edge. For  the  sake  of  the  reader  of  this  essay ,  it  is worth  giving  a  brief  introduction  regarding  what  technology  is all  about.

Many  people   do  refer  technology  as only  those  aspect  which  are  related  to  computers  as well as  the  current  trends  of  telecommunication. However, technology has different meaning to different people (Thomson, 2009). It  is worth mentioning that  the  perspective  to  which  people  refer  technology  is  different  and  therefore  emerges  that  it  is  of essence  to define  technology  as  far  as  this  essay  is  concerned.

Technology can be defined  as  the  process  whereby  nature  is  modified  by  human  beings in  an  attempts  of  achieving  their  needs. The  fact  that  the  needs  which  would  make  human being  more  comfortable  as  well as  the  aspects  which  would  be  considered  to  improve  the  living  standards   of  human  beings  continue  to  increase  or  rather  to  emerge,  necessitates  the  need  to  come  up  with  new  inventions. It  therefore  emerges  that technology will  continue  to  evlve  as  these  needs  arise. It  can  be said  that  technology  is  as  a result  of  engineering  as  well as science (McGinn, 1991). Whereas  engineering  deals  with the  design  of  the  technology  in  question,  science  on  the  other  hand  deals  with  the  condition  as well as  features  under  which  the  designs  in  question  should  operate. The discussion now embanks on the dependency of technology by people.


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Technology  civilized society  refers  to  the  current  generation  which  is  using  knowledge  and  information  for  economic  gains. This  means  that  almost  every  thing  which is done  by  people  depends  on  this  technology (Ambrose, 2001).The  reason  being  that, such  information  can  only  be  received  processed  and  stored  in  such  devices  which  are  developed  as  result  of  technology. This  means  that  for  instance  if  the  current  generation was  to  live   without  technology,  it  would  turn  out  to  be  unrealistic  and  as such,  there  are  some  of  the  activities  with  are  significant  in  as  far  as  day  to  day  operations  are  concerned  which  cannot  be realized  without  technology. An  example   of  this  include mobile telephones  meant  for  communication  or  computers  in  the  office meant  for  processing information. This  gives  a clear  indication  that the  society  nowadays  depends  on  technology  to  execute  their  day to  day  activities  which  might  turn  out  to  be  unrealistic  in  the  event  that  technology  is  not  accessible (McGinn, 1991).     

Another  example is  in  case  of  food  in the  homes  of   individuals,  food  is  preserved  using  refrigerators. This means  that in  the  event  that  refrigerators  are  not  functioning,  the  food  in  homes  of  individuals  would  end  up going  bad after sometimes  especially  perishable goods or  rather  food. It  therefore  emerges  that   people  turned  to  technology to  increase the  shelf  life  of  food.  Again microwaves have proved to be useful in as far as warming of food is concerned .Food  preparation  time  has  significantly  been  condensed as  a  result  of  use of  new  equipments  as well as  machines(Noble, 1984). This  results  in  saving  time  which  can  be  used  in  doing otheer  productive work. This  is  what  makes  people  to  depend  on technology  as  it  saves valuable time. 

Computers and  related  gargets  such  as  laptops,  palmtops,  mobile  telephones  just  to  mention  but  a few have enabled  people  to  communicate  in  real  time  regardless of  geographical  location  as  well  time. Asynchronous  and  synchronous  communication has  been  made  easy  due  to  the  invention of  world  wide  web  which  apparently  makes  the  world  to  appear  as  a  small  village. This has facilitated globalization due to  the  ease  of communication as  well  as  that  one  of  doing  business  as  business  people  can  get  market  for  their  products internationally. This  means  that  sudden  lack  of  these  devices  which  have  eased  the  way  people  communicate can  cause  a lot  of  inconveniencies  to  many  people  hence  people  have  become  dependent   on  technology(McGinn, 1991).

The  other  area   which  has  made   people  become  more  dependent   on technology  is  tele-working  which  is  also  referred  to  as  telecommuting. This is a situation whereby people or rather  employees work  at  the  comfort  of  their  home  and  then  send their  completed  assignments to  their employers.  A good example includes freelancers who work remotely. This  means  that  technology  has  facilitated  a level  ground  which  enables  people  regardless of  the time  and  geographical  location to  have  equal  opportunities  of  accessing  jobs(Ambrose, 2001). This  means  that in  absence of  technology  some  of the  people  who  depend  on  it  can  be  left  jobless.

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This discussion shows that people have  become  dependent  on  technology  in all  spheres  of  life  ranging  from  communication  to  other  home-based core  activities such  as  cooking  and  preserving  food. Although  technology  has  proved  to  be very  useful  in  as  far as the  life  of the  current  society  is  concerned,  there  are  also  some  aspects  of  technology  which  prove  to be  negative  in  the society (Noble, 1984). This  includes  interference  of  work  with  family  matters  as  people  carry  office  work  to  their  home  and  continue  working  at  home  in  prevalence  of  involving  themselves  with  family  matters.

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