Custom «Oticon and Information Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «Oticon and Information Technology» Essay Paper

               Information technology is a significant facet in any organization, be it a multinational or a small business. It is also essential in society in general. Integrating information technology in any office set up means employment of computer software, hardware and processor-oriented information systems. Most of the modern organizations have incorporated information technology in their systems, for smooth running of the firms. Effective inclusion of information technology in the office, could lead to remarkable outcomes, though it could also have its demerits. The major limitation of information technology is seen to be the redundancy of managers and workers.  There are however several organizations that have been effectively renovated with the incorporation of information technology, one such example being Oticon.

Oticon and Information Technology

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            For the main part, Oticon demonstrates a good paradigm of successful incorporation of computer-based technology in redesigning an organization positively. Oticon is an international producer of hearing aids with its headquarters based in Denmark. This company was on the verge of being rendered extinct, due to competition from an American company that was producing hearing aids that were preferable to the larger market. This was when the firm got a new chief executive officer, Lars Kolind, in 1988 who revamped Oticon. Bjorn-Andersen and Turner (1995) suggest that information technology was not the sole reason for the far-reaching changes that took place at Oticon, but it made the metamorphosis possible and pragmatic. Information technology was applied by Oticon to make the work environment more efficient and mobility of workers was increased. Information was also afforded to workers at more convenient places and time as compared to the inconveniences experienced with the office system.  

Role of Information Technology in Organizations

 &nbs;          Information technology in an organization takes on a facilitative position rather than the primary role. It enables a company to undertake restructuring of its management and day to day workings as Oticon did. This kind of technology is used in creation of new business ideas, inventing novel methods of working and solving organizational hitches. Computer software for example, is used to design an easier and more effective way of coordinating the affairs of the company. For instance there can be accounting software to help in book keeping and inventory management. The Point of Sale (POS) system, for example ensures that whenever an item is sold from the stock in a business then the reduction in stock is reflected in the system.  

            Applying information technology in organizations is manifested through the use of e-mails to communicate in an office. More recently there has been an increase of businesses and even big organizations using social media sites, such as Facebook, to advertise and market their products. Organizations also design websites where potential investors and clients can access information on the firm. Power point presentations are also used in company meetings to make a task more effectual and easy to understand.

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            Most organizations have also resolved to use digital versions of files instead of filing cabinets filling a whole room with documents and files. In this way a huge amount of historical data can be stored and easily retrieved. Organizations also use computers to store the database of their employees. This is also useful for potential employees who send their job applications through the internet. Organizations also use information technology to reach out to their customers and receive feedback on products as well as to improve on customer care. Research can also be done on the internet to ensure that an organization keeps up with modern products and market trends.

The Case of Johnsonville Sausage LLC

            Johnsonville Sausage LLC is an American company based in Wisconsin which mainly deals with manufacturing of meat products. This is one of the big companies that has effectively used technological strategies to sway global markets and consumer tastes. In 2003, the company mapped out an information technology plan to set up an all inclusive SAP policy. This meant that the firm would advance its visibility and be able to exploit more sources of raw materials, end products and what the customers require most. Johnsonville Sausage LLC utilized the Cisco Aironet 350 Series and set up a wireless local area network to follow up on the movement of its manufactured goods (Cisco Systems Inc. 2001). The company has also used other Cisco products such as firewalls to protect confidential company information and money, as well as routers and hubs. Johnsonville Sausage has also made use of wireless machinery to connect computers which are on the floor to the network. This is in turn used to check on the inventory as it stands at that particular time.

            All these illustrations demonstrate that Johnsonville Sausage LLC has indeed transformed due to information technology advancements. I would like to work in such an environment as this would mean that work gets done faster as information is available and is conveniently retrieved. In such an environment there is advanced technology and safeguards and the business is expanding meaning there is job security and better salaries too.

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            This paper has illustrated that information technology if effectively utilized and integrated by an organization can lead to a remarkable transformation. It is important to note that the role of information systems and technology is merely enabling or facilitative. To obtain optimum organizational transformation, a firm still has to do much more, for instance building up the main competencies and careers of the organization.

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