Custom «New Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «New Technology» Essay Paper

Human life has been influenced to varying lengths by the utilization of new technology. The application of comprehension to the sensible intends of human existence in order to improve the pre-existing conditions is known as new technology. The utilization of power sources, tools and procedures entail technology. The fields that are mostly related to technology include; - engineering and science. In the case of science, individuals get enlightened about their surroundings on issues such as: - matter, energy, space properties and the resultant effect of interacting with them. On the other hand, engineering caters for administration of designs, arrangements and methods of attaining the set out objectives. Since ancient times, when man used tools, technology has been employed in upgrading human life.

The modern society has enlisted technology in: - medical field, government and industrial sector so as to enhance the living standards of humans. Initially, technology concentrated on machines creation, tools and structures. However, as life proceeds, technology has been used to impact on other human aspects, thereby effecting a huge turn-over. For the sake of life enhancement, technology has been employed in the microscopic field. This has enabled knowledge transfer and development of fresh materials by learning about the interactions between atoms (Faulkner & Andreas, pg 301). Exemplified by microelectronics and silicon chips, the venture into technological advancements is far from over.

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Benefits associated with technology include: - a heightened amount of profits, minimal cost in production since automated equipments replace personnel needed for labor, improved communication by use of mobiles, computers and e-mails, which ensures instant information delivery and fair competition as it allows the minimization of costs  while upholding the quality of products. Nonetheless, technology has its setbacks which are: -the cost of maintenance may be high since it should be checked oftenly to ensure efficiency, difficulties in the integration and management of the technology, pollution of environment by created machines and unnecessary expenses on some technologies, which end up hurting the human race, such as production of weapons.

With regard to technology, the advancements in this field have boosted the lifestyles of humans. Nevertheless, technology has also affected the human environment and life pessimistically. The pros and cons of technology have to be carefully considered in order to make an informed decision on whether to use or not use technology. On the brighter side of life, technology has made an incredible impact on human life and thus it should be advanced to realize the maximum potential success of the human race.

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