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New Computer System

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This proposal is about getting the managements approval to install a new computer system. The current computer system is used for database management system that keeps track of the changing information in the company. It contains information about clients, employees, suppliers, and business transactions. The system is also used to manage mathematical calculations on large numerical data. The database enables the staff make strategic decisions, which utilize artificial intelligence. The current system in use is not able to meet the workload demands. The system had been coping well in the past. However, the company has witnessed a growth directly proportional to the workload. Before, the margin error was minimal but it has increased with the workload. It is becoming a challenge to meet the needs of our workforce and that of the clients.

            In addition, the system is incompatible to the new modern programs hence slowing down the entire working process. We have repaired the system several times, which have cost a lot to the department. The computer is very old; getting spare parts is proving to be a daunting task. Peripheral equipment from new manufacturers cannot operate when matched with our old brand. Modern systems have come up which are faster and able to accommodate the increased workload. They also reduce the time spent on a piece of work.

            It is in realization of the increased workload in the information system department that the staff has decided to make this request. Thorough searching of the market has revealed that the total cost of upgrading the current system is more than 50% of the cost of getting a new system. Furthermore, there are new technologies of redeeming all the data from the old system without losing any vital information. The present system can also be disposed off at a fee to e-waste companies hence there will no worry on where to take the old system.

Buy custom New Computer System essay

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