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Prior to the standards defined by the IEEE, it is not possible to connect three different OS machines. But as the instructions given by IEEE 802.1 which is bridging and management, illustrates that Windows, Macintosh and Novell NetWare can be connected with each other in a Cisco Environment for exchange of data and management of the policies. Most of the administration and organizations are using these methods to build their intranet and provide their various offices a single internet service such as World Bank. But the Cisco environment provides a latent security feature, which restricts others to share and use personal information delivered from one machine to another.

Various protocols are being used in this system and our administrator is working with several IP address on this. Our computer lab consist 40 computers with 4 servers which is directly managed by our IT Manager. These 40 machines works’ as servers for our other departments and 4 servers controls and manage these 40 computers. We are using Zap Internet Connection as our internet service provider and acquired a shared DHCP server from them, so we can easily maintain our internet connection and control and monitor our sub computers.

We have used Class “A” and Class “C” of IP addressing for our different departments. 2 servers manage Class “A” IP addressing and 2 manage the administration with Class “C”. These all are connected via the Cisco WLAN connection. After deployment of Cisco WLAN into our organization we have find an easy way to access and monitor our other departments as well as we have managed our intranet with the Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity. Our users inform us through their VoIP connection and we assist them in their queries via IPv6 which is latest, innovative and secure in managing and providing internet access to client machines.

Buy custom Networking essay

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