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Mobile Phone Technology

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Technology caused a lot of excitement and many people think that this is the thing that they have been waiting for especially with the invention of mobile phones. However, some things may not really be as they seem. Mobile phones have more disadvantages than advantages in modern world systems. Thus, this essay highlights the very little and harmful contribution that mobile phones have made to the contemporary world.

Have you ever sat down with yourself and considered what mobile technology has caused? There is a lot of fuss about it but this technology has got nothing to show especially when compared to historical inventions in technology in ancient Greece. There was much development than what the mobile technology has achieved.

Mobile phones are just but a mere psychological revolutionary thing meant to lure people to lose their money to others. The manufacturer of this technology has nothing much to do with the mobile phones other than selling to ignorant masses and gaining profits.

I have seen many wealthy people in my locality with what can be referred to as “low class mobile phones” whereas you could find a person who is struggling to survive with a very expensive phone. It is very much disturbing to find that the user of the expensive phone utilizes only a small percentage of the mobile phone features.

The fact that something is available and is new does not make it a valuable substance. It could as well be a retrogressive development. Phones have so much detrimental effects than their benefits. It is only an excitement that gets us going without really looking at its benefits. Indeed, this is the nature of human beings. They can easily be lured into something without their knowledge and before they realize it, it has already become hard to withdraw. That is the hard truth. I have gotten you the facts, so you can decide.

Buy custom Mobile Phone Technology essay

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