Custom «Milestone 2 First Draft Cyberschool» Essay Paper

Custom «Milestone 2 First Draft Cyberschool» Essay Paper


In the current global market, Cyber Schools are on the increase and this is attributed to the fact that nowadays many schools have opted to adopt the online service provision because of the current trends in technology. Furthermore, such schools are assisting students and their families from the struggles that may be arising from the need to meet the requirement to pay for tuition. Cyber schools, which are also known as virtual schools or just online schools, are considered to be tuition-free educational institutions where everything is entirely based on the Internet. In the United States, cyber schools are approved by the state and they are designed in a way that will allow different students attain public school education just from their homes, and it may even start from as low as pre-kindergarten to 12th grade level (Patriot-News Editorial Board, 2009). Therefore, this research study assumes that Cyber School’s way of teaching is considered to be the most effective and efficient way of educating students within the current world.

Cyber school attractions

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In this form of learning, students are normally allowed to posses a personal computer, enough learning textbooks, a high-speed Internet connection, and other educational resources that will assist them in effectively completing their assignments in time. Majority of cyber schools in the United States are recognized and even present a more thorough and precise curriculum when compared with the traditional brick-and-mortar learning institution. In this case, a learning management system is an online portal that assists students in submitting their completed assignments.

The Faculty and staff members in cyber schools consist of state-certified tutors who normally correspond with their students by the use of Web chat, telephone and/ or electronic mails. Attending classes does not go like the traditional brick-and-mortar learning institution, but in this case students are taught by the use of a computerized format that is comparable to the video-chat program Skype. This format enables students to have a better interaction with their teachers and also one another on virtual mode (Craver, 2002).

Student privacy is an aspect that fundamental in the overall success of the student in educational realm, and in this case it has to involve with the access to confidential data and security information. With introduction of Cyber schools in the current market, this is an aspect that is enhanced in both schools and homes. Where the accss to such information and data is only guaranteed when the right password is provided as requested.

Internet accessibility and its application is a better way to do research as it becomes easier to carry out research in regards to various projects that relates to class work. Projects requiring an intensive research on information like history reports, bibliographies, and different literature pieces, can effectively be worked on by the use of the Internet, especially during study time at school and/ or home (Marzano, 2003). Cyber schools have also proved to be effective when it comes to updating student by their tutors on the current issues and events, especially when teaching social studies or history. This helps in keeping the class updated with the current events in the world. Internet accessibility at home or school allows student to frequently access their mails and other personal web pages.

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Cyber school distractions

All a long Cyber schools have always been considered to be the best mode of offering education to students, but as time goes by, there are a number of distractions that are connected with the aspect of investing so much in this mode. First, the aspect of self-motivation is always at stake, since students are not obligated to attend classes when turning in their assignments, it may be difficult for them to comprehensively complete and hand in their assignments within the required time frame. When not motivated, one is more likely to relapse in studies and probably sink completely. Secondly, success in education comes with how a student is well organized both at home and school, and this can be achieved by ensuring that one is all material and resources needed are kept well. Sharing of computers can cause major interruptions in study, where books and notes used for certain projects may turn out to being misplaced (Marzano, 2003). 

Another issue that is found within the mode of Cyber schools is the aspect of having slow response. In this case, a student may sometime have questions for the tutor, but the problem may arise when responses are delayed due to unknown reasons. This is normally the beginning frustrations and confusion for students and in the end will always have a negative impact on the overall capability and capacity of a student. Despite the fact that most of the cyber classrooms have turned out to be more interactive, especially through chats and different forums, most students are prone to feel a sense of seclusion, since there are no social gatherings for them to enjoy together, and this another problem that ccan be caused while at school or just from home (Craver, 2002). There are other distraction received in the cases of Cyber schools, which are possession of IPods, cell phones, music, television, friends, and wanting to visit other non-educational websites for personal reasons. 

Parental controls over Cyber Schools

Cyber schools offer the best chance for students to get access to a lot of material through surfing the net and other online resources, but this is an act that can either build a student or destroy him or her completely. Therefore, a control mechanism is supposed to be put in place to ensure that one is only restricted to certain sites over the Internet, and this is supposed to start right from home, where explicit materials are blocked and no one will be able to access them. Involvement parents in controlling the use of the Internet will also help in ensuring that electronic mails received and sent are effectively controlled, and this will also assist in blocking of spam mails, which may turn out to be more for distraction (Marzano, 2003).

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On the other hand, controlling of Internet application by parents may completely take trust away from student and in the end have a negative impact to their relationship with their parents. Again in the process of blocking various sites and materials, one might end up blocking wrong material of which may be of help to the student. Therefore, this is a process that needs to be clearly looked into before everything is carried against it, especially when considering the best impact it has caused in the current educational system (Marzano, 2003).

Societies View on Cyber School

The benefits of Cyber schools has greatly played a significant role in enhancing views of the society that student comes towards the effectiveness of the highlighted mode of learning. The society is able to understand that the system is aimed at incorporating better and faster learning processes within the overall learning process. In this way, educational tax collected from education procedures will be lowered and thus turning out to be advantageous to many families, especially when it comes to spending of finances. The society is also witnessing the cases of less violence being reported as many students are not faced with issues that may distract them and probably cause havoc (Patriot-News Editorial Board, 2009). Therefore, the society has welcomed the idea with an open mind and is ready to support it for the purpose enhancing learning process in the whole continent.

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