Custom «Life with and without Internet» Essay Paper

Custom «Life with and without Internet» Essay Paper

Internet technologies broke into our life so quickly and steadily that we took them for granted not even thinking about the dramatic changes they would bring to our society. Without a doubt internet changed the quality of our life for better but nowadays most of us are aware of the negative consequences of the recent decades’ technology breakthrough. Many people remember their life without internet with nostalgia understanding that many things changed irretrievably.

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Present-day internet technologies made our lives much easier. Using internet we can study, communicate, shop, play games, and even work staying at home and it helps us save our time and resources significantly. We can get access to any information we need in a matter of seconds. But at the same time people become overloaded with big amounts of data which often turns out to be completely useless. So usually we spend our saved time ineffectively processing needless information and filtering it.

Living without internet people spent much more time and resources on completing tasks which now seem for us so easy to do. They could get new information only from books, periodicals, television or cmmunicating with each other. All this required time and efforts. But that time was spent effectively. People got less information, but it was meaningful and useful. They made many efforts which are not necessary today, but those efforts made their lives more active and interesting.

Internet created the illusion of easy communication. Indeed, anytime we want to reach anybody of our friends or relatives we can go online and easily get in touch with them. A lot of means of communication are at our disposal: writing instant messages and e-mails, making videocalls, sending files… Of course, it helps us to be closer to those people who are far away, but at the same time we become estranged from our families and friends who live not a hundred miles away.

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Not so long ago when we could only dream of online communication we spent much more time with our friends and families, the relations were more sincere and lively. We didn’t need such intermediaries as computer monitors to communicate with people, there were no artificial barriers between us and persons we were talking to.

But the most dramatic changes internet brought to our way of thinking and nnot the way of living. People who got accustomed to internet acquire new information much easier, they can quickly switch from one topic to another, they are flexible and mobile. But at the same time they can’t concentrate on something one, they are inattentive, they lost their ability to read long texts and to keep in mind some information for a long time - if they don’t know something they always can find all the answers online, there is no need to keep everything in mind.

When people didn’t have internet at their disposal they were more concentrated on what they were actually interested in, they were more consistent and erudite as they didn’t have such an easy and quick access to information so they had to remember everything. Not having had computers they could count only on their knowledge.

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As we can see, life with internet nowadays differs a lot from the life without World Wide Web as it was a couple of decades ago. Our world changes, lifestyle changes, people and their relations change. We have to accept all innovations to keep pace with time but let us look back at the past every once in a while in order not to loose all the good things we had before.

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