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Learner Profile: AT Intervention

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Assistive technology is the use of technology to enable individuals who have possible disabilities to achieve a glimpse of self- independence as well as being more productive and self confident and more compatible with the others. This technology is used by children with disabilities in order to assist them do more for themselves in life. There is much concern to the extent to which ethics and assistive technology applies for the good of the user.

For example, those children who are unable to use hands to operate a computer have particular needs to speak and learn. This can be met by the use of portable electronic sound device. Others who have difficulties getting rid of a bathtub can be lifted easily and safely by use of a mechanical device. Assistive technology is not only the complicated mechanical devices we see, but can also be accessible homemade equipments that we see all around us. Their aim is mainly for enhancing communication, working and learning as well as for social interactions.

Just like any other technology related device, these items are not that easy to acquire. Therefore, for parents to get the required item for their child, they must be knowledgeable enough on the available technologies. They should help in their use so that the assistive technology becomes an integral part of the child’s program. Parents have the chance to get their child what is needed if they directly involve themselves in selecting the right equipment. Examples of assistive technologies include the computers which can assist in information search and speaking. Low cost assistive technology items applicable in computers can be such as clip boards; for papers holding, wrist splints and Velcro tabs which keeps pads in place.

Assistive technology has come to be of help in many aspects of child learning; such as; class positioning that help in holding the child’s body in a stable and comfortable manner. Access which help to determine which part of the child is more useful in requesting for help, amplified communication, assistive listening, visual aid, mobility and social care.

Buy custom Learner Profile: AT Intervention essay

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