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Laptops and Netbooks Review

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Technology has allowed computer companies to design cheaper computers to cater for the low end of the market. The cheap computers come with limited capability as some of the technological advances present in expensive computers lack in them. Hp is a key player in the computer business and produces a wide variety of product to cover the segmented market. This review will cover one of their cheapest products in the market which is the hp 620. The product that retails for around 479.99$ is among the cheapest 15.5’ computers on the market (Bentley, 2010). Alex Bentley reviews the product by giving its strengths and weaknesses in the market (Bentley, 2010).  The product hp 620 may be a good product but not a perfect product.

Contrary to the great product the hp 620 as per Alex’s opinion, the laptop is experiencing some technical problems that need rectification. The issue of the bluetooth device needs to be rectified for the product to fit this description. The computers bluetooth device seems to be lacking from the device, this is a deviation from the review that states that the product has a bluetooth device. Connection to other devises is problematic and troubleshooting of the device does not help the issue. Although the laptop is compact in size, carrying the product around requires a bigger bag compared to 14’ laptops. The computer is not relatively light as the 2.5 kilos may have an effect on young customers.

The top has a sleek design which is the highlight of the computer; the back however, lacks the aesthetic value to attract the customer. The design of the audio jack is not appealing. The jacks have been installed facing the user, a point that Bentley supports regardless of the fact that the user interferes with the cables while using the computer. A better design would consider locating the audio jacks to the computers rear (Bentley, 2010).  The review focuses on the key factors that the original review omits in the evaluation of the product. The opposing review may appeal to the other customers that own the product as they experience the problems highlighted in the opposing review.

Buy custom Laptops and Netbooks Review essay

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