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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

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Dell Company is a leading corporation that markets and sells their products through websites. Dell Inch is an American multinational corporation that deals with information technology products, such as computers and other related products. It bears the name of the founder Michael Dell who founded it in1984. It is one of the largest technological companies across the globe. It is the leading sellers of technological products of high quality across the globe. Dell Inch distributes their products across the globe through utilizing their website for advertising their products and services available in the market. The company conducts their business across the globe through subsidiaries. It designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells their products in a wide range of product that are customized to individual customers. However, in the past three years, Dell Company has experienced a security breach. Dell employ unique marketing strategies and tits website provides a competitive advance, which contributes to increased sales.

Dell Inch has designed its website in a manner that creates attention to customers. It has brand names for varied market segments for their products. The business corporate represents brand whereby the company’s product information emphasizes the long life-cycles, reliability and serviceability of varied products. The consumer class emphasizes product value, its performance and expendability. It provides the arrangement of products available in the market. These products are arranged in a manner that makes it easy for customers to choose the products they want to purchase. Each product has information revealing the suitability of the products and where it suits best.

The corporate contact information is clearly provided in their website in order to help customers make easy access of products purchase. The purpose of the contacts, which includes the email address of the company, is provided with the aim of contacting the company in case one needs the products.  Additionally, customer information at purchase is provided for each product presented in the list. The company provides information for activity based management and such information includes product evaluation or information about the product a customer purchased. The information for products at purchase is clearly provided to customers in order to help them make decisions of the products suitable for them.

Customization of products for customers is the most critical means of delivering true value to customers (Hvam, Mortensen and Riis, 2008). The companies customize their products in order to achieve superior competitive advantage in the marketplace. The company implements product configuration system as a way of achieving this practice. It provides a lead time for product reduction depending on the demands of customers. Therefore, the design of products is done in a  way that attracts the attention of customers. The company carries out product customization, because consumers prefer to achieve their personal tastes reflecting on what they are doing or using. Thus, Dell customizes products for their customers in order to help them meet their demanding needs.

One of the corporation’s Internet marketing strategies employed in marketing their products is lowering of prices for products any time all the year round. The company keeps on lowering their products in order to compete with their competitors producing the same products. This is crucial because it strategy has enabled it to acquire more customers who order and buy products  online. In 2006, the company cut their prices in an effort of maintaining their market share. It also cut profit margins of real products purchased by more than a half. This is done for the purpose of maintaining existing customers and attracting more customers in the market. The company keeps on accepting most purchase made through the Internet or telephone network in order to maintain their prices low. After the customers purchase the products online,  the company provides a free delivery thus; encouraging more customers for the availability of products in the market.

Another marketing strategy they use is providing customers with bonuses for products purchased. The company offers their customers with free bonuses for the products purchased, including Dell printers and scanners. This is crucial, because it enables customers to demand more products in their company. This is a crucial strategy that helps the company to compete favorably with their competitors. They make subsequent product campaigning through their website. They make promotions of their services and products online offering a wide range of bonuses in order to attract more customers. Moreover, they started using the slogan of ‘Yours is here’ as a means of making their products known to customers. This slogan is one of the advertisement strategies that communicate the way their products fits the requirements of customers.

The last strategy they employed is providing free shipping of products in order to encourage more sales as well as to keep off their competitors. This is an essential tool that involves more customers to purchase the products. This is crucial because it increases the sales of products and encourages customers to make more purchase of products online, since they are freely delivered to them. Not only this strategy increases sales, but also aims at keeping away their competitors. The major competitors of Dell Company are Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Samsung and many other companies, which are producing software and hardware computer related products. Dell and its subsidiary, such as HP and other manufactures, have profoundly competed favorably in the market across the globe. This is through the introduction of this strategy that had helped them to maintain their customers, and they have created new customers for their computer products. This marketing strategy was formulated after Dell lost more server market share in 2006, to their competitors.

The Dell Corporation’s privacy is a greater concern to the company. The company has implemented a strategy of managing their products and they have created a customer relationship management (CRM). This is the way their customer interacts with them and it involves technology use in organizing, automating and synchronizing business process. The security is provided by the company in order to protect their properties form any theft or malicious acts that may hinder the company from better performance. The customer relationship management is their business strategy that the company employs in providing security privacy. It takes into consideration sales activities and technical support provided to customers in case of any need arise. Moreover, they provide free software security and trial version downloads to customers in order to keep their computer safe.

Additionally, the company is concerned with security privacy due to the need of striking a balance between ease use in the CRM software interface and acceptable security measures. Striking this balance is a challenge, because security improvements may be at the expense of the system usability.  According to Roberts (2008), it is vital for a company to design and develop technology that strikes a balance between the user interface and security features that meets the standards of the company. Mostly, the security breaches result due to errors made by the user. Such errors may be intentionally done through downloading or executing computer virus something, which is termed as security breaches. Therefore, Dell Company responds to security bleaches through identifying the files and following the users; orders in order to execute the file exposed to the harmful virus.  The research study indicates that a more usable system may create a less confusion or amount of errors that may arise thus; creating a more secure as well as stable CRM system.

One of the methods or tools recommendable for ensuring greater security for customers is providing data security systems. The primary functional tool that would provide high security to customers is collecting the clients and information in order to enable the company to protect their clients form insecurity. Data security is one way of ensuring that the information or content is kept safe, and its access to its suitability is controlled (Ryan and Jones, 2009). This is vital, because data security enables a company to ensure privacy. It protects personal information and it’s one way of ensuring information is kept secure. The company may use some data security technologies, such as hardware base mechanism for protecting information from any theft or insecure. This data security may protect the information from being stolen. The company may provide strong protection from any unauthorized access, because some encrypted operating systems may be corrupted by malicious programs making them unusable. The hardware based security program may prevent this from any access thus, providing a better security of information.

The second method recommendable for providing greater security to customers is data masking. This is a method of obscuring structured data within a database cell in order to ensure that information security is maintained. This is done through masking the information from the users, developers and outsourcing vendors.  This is vital because it will enable the company to protect their customers from any malicious act. Masking data are a method employed in many organizations selling their products online, because it creates exceptional customer relationship. This enables the company to maintain their customers, thus will continue to operate smoothly without any consequence in business transactions.

Buy custom Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security essay

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