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Internet Effects

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Effects of Internet on democracy and activism

This is an issue that needs to be given serious consideration. Is it good or bad to have an abundance of connected technologies? An analyst of technology, Larry Magid, concluded that “technology is neither good nor bad”. It is a tool that is ever evolving that can either be used properly or misused. This is as a result of the effort by the “Digital Nation” to raise the question concerning the future of the youthful generation of today, and it is also in its effort to providing answers that are somehow encouraging. Internet has various effects on democracy and today’s state of communication.

Earlier on, in life before the Internet technology, people obtained information in different ways: biased sources of information such as radios, television, newspapers; just to mention a few, existed as sources of information that many people depended on to acquire information. For the majority, unbiased information was hard to access, as doing research and going beyond what media said was somehow impossible. This only made people know only what the media delivered to them, which created a limitation of information. The information delivered by the media was mainly conflicting and of less help. As a result, the system of democracy was less successful. However, when the Internet was finally developed, various ways of accessing different information changed for the better. The Internet, as an information tool, has promoted democracy by ensuring that unbiased information-which leads to helpful and useful knowledge to be provided.

The Internet keeps us informed and changes ways in which we receive information; this creates a positive outcome on democracy. To start with, the time taken to move information to different places has drastically reduced. Millions of people from different parts of the world now find it easy to keep in touch through the use of the Internet. Sharing information has now been made more accurate, since the information contains unfiltered content. There is no more getting of data from biased sources, which are normally filtered. The greatest of all positive effects of the Internet is the created opportunities of getting more and more knowledge and being well informed, since knowledge is power and it can serve as an extremely powerful tool. The democracy will be tremendously successful when people become more informed and gain enough knowledge.

Most people today use the Internet as a tool for their communication daily, and this enhances communication in the whole world. This can be seen clearly in the social networks such as tweeter and facebook. Communication between people working for different organizations across the world has also been made easier by the use of the Internet. Organizations are also using the Internet as a marketing tool which has vastly improved their performance, productivity, interaction and communication among people. This means that people do not have to meet physically in order to address a certain issue, since this can be done through the Internet.

In conclusion, the freedom of speech can be well acquired by use of Internet, whereby the abilities of different individuals is developed to opinions, which can then be used as a way of influencing and informing others. More positive effects of Internet on democracy and communication are seen and experienced all over the world and, therefore, Internet proves to be a hugely powerful tool in promoting democracy.

Buy custom Internet Effects essay

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