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Impacts of Computers

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We owe everything that we have today to technology. Technology has greatly impacted our lives. However, computer technology has completely outdone all the other forms of technologies. Computers have made the impossible possible, things that could not easily be achieved are now possible due to them. The history of computers goes back a long way. The first electronic computers were people. This is because the machines developed did things that were initially carried out by people. Originally, the term computer was a title assigned to human beings whose role was to carry out repetitive computation of calculations (Cnaan and Parsole, 2009). The abacus was invented to aid man’s memory while carrying out calculations. In 1942, John Eckert, John Maunchly and their associates built the first electronic computer.

            It is undeniable that computers have made such a big impact in our lives and the society as a whole.  It is no longer possible to find a place where computers are not involved in carrying out one or more activities. Whichever direction you turn into, there is always the need of a computer. Currently almost all business entities need computers and their respective technologies to carry out their activities. The past few years have seen this field of technology advance rapidly and due to this it has been transformed as the core tool in business today (Cnaan and Parsole, 2009).

            Computer technology has seen unimaginable advancements prompting every organization to use it. Investors consider computers inexpensive assets that are a must have due to their conveniences in creating opportunities for investment. It is through computers that we are able to search for jobs online, learn a vast range of things, carry out research and buy stock.  It is true to assert that computers have transformed the world a lot (Rosenberg, 2004).

            It is through the computer that man has been assisted to step forward and face the future. We owe a lot to computers. Thorough computers, space exploration is possible, new vehicle designs have been developed, entertainment is more interesting and science and medicine has been able to manufacture better and improved medicines to cure diseases. Though to some it may be difficult to notice how computers have impacted our lives, it is due to computers that life has become much easier and enjoyable.

            As stated by Rosenberg (2004), computers play a very vital and positive role in the education sector. Students are able to work on their assignments through internet research. Learners can also type their reports on the word processing program. This is a program that makes it possible for learners to type their work or assignments. Business entities and computers are inseparable. The entities use computers to keep track of their stocks, money, accounts and all things that are crucial for the running of the business. Computers have various programs which are important in presentation of information and ideas to people. The computer is not only essential for its word processing program but the device can carry a huge sum of data and information.

            Thinking that our past generation was able to live without computers is unbelievable. The uses of computers range from one thing to millions of activities. Commerce is unheard of and impossible without computers (Rosenberg, 2004). Computers regulate commercial activities and communicate to millions of people across all over the world in a matter of seconds concurrently.  Computers have helped the world a lot and thus preparing for the future more comfortably. Entertainment and businesses entities use computers to make profits, education institutions use computers to assist learners to learn better. Similarly, the medical department cannot look down upon the importance of computers. Without the assistance of computers, many things that are possible today would not have been possible. The world would have been a primitive and dull place to live in without this important device. 

Buy custom Impacts of Computers essay

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