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Impact of the Environment Factors on the Requirements Elicitation

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Software development is a process that greatly relies on various stakeholders such as the end-users, software suppliers and software engineers. The needs of the customers lay the foundation for software development platform. These needs of the end-users often define the type and structure of software to be developed. It is important to identify and be able to assess the value that a newly developed software will bring to the organization. Additionally, it is worth noting that this value addition will greatly depend on the performance, structure, design and maintenance of the developed software (Wiegers, 2003). Any drawback encountered during the software design, systems building and testing should provide stepping stones for successful development of high performing software.

Software developers should take into account environmental changes that may impact the software development process. They should be able to recognize the different types of requirements of software development that are needed at various levels of the process.

Description of the Problem

This thesis proposal will look at the most common factors to be considered during software development and the various impacts of environmental changes on software development process. Moreover, it entails evaluation and analysis of such major environmental factors that influence software development. First, there shall be a partial study of the new software, after which it shall be tested and run in different environments. Keen observations shall be made to identify various problems that may rise during implementation and usage stages of the developed software. Testing and running the software in different environment will ensure its adaptability and usage in varied atmospheres and circumstances (Lauesen, 2002).

Finally, there shall be development of a methodology that defines a range of software development requirements and effects of environmental changes on the same. In my view, this will help save time and other related costs that might be incurred during the development cycle.

Buy custom Impact of the Environment Factors on the Requirements Elicitation essay

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