Custom «Healthcare Technologies» Essay Paper

Custom «Healthcare Technologies» Essay Paper


The use of technologies in our day-to-day practices has made our operations simpler than even what we thought it could be. This has applied in various fields of study and the healthcare departments are not exceptions. This paper discusses the eMAR Technology innovation that is not only new but has had great impacts on the health sector where it performs high valued roles in the health communications.

What Led To The Innovation Of This Technology?

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Many patients prefer to take their treatments while at home rather than to travel to the hospitals and lie in the wards. Most of them have jobs to do that require them to be at all the time attending meaning that they have their time to spend on the working place rather than in hospital beds. The work from home jobs are easily done at home while at the hospitals there could be restrictions on the patience’s activities. This doesn’t apply to jobs only. Some patients just prefer to take medication from home. Some have the reason to maintain close contacts with their families while others love the home environment. The other reason is that home medication is cheap and preferable as compared to the inpatient medication.

What Is It and Its Impact on the Healthcare Systems

The eMAR (Electronic Medical Administrative Record) is a point of clinical care that deploys the barcode reader technology to monitor the bedside medication processes. It uses the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth technologies, which in turn use the Adaptive Frequency Hoping (AFH) to reduce the interference between the contending signals and prevent it from degradation. The devices are connected to the computer system for further information processing. The implementation of the web based version makes the eMAR more effective for use in the healthcare systems. It enables the physicians to arrive at a quality care more efficiently thereby improving on the quality of services and the quality of life. The access to the healthcare at any time has been enhanced by the system therefore allowing for a shared patient database, Internet based anytime access electronic medical record and a disease information database. These advancements have improved the quality of services and enhanced the medical information consultancy.

The system is effective in that the textual, video andaudio messages can be sent and received through it. This capability is enhanced by the wireless scanner capability which allows for remote access to the computer and has a replaceable battery. The cable use can only be enforced by the prices. The scanner collectively works easily with the software environments and has the capability to alert on the range effects if it jeopardizes the whole situation. To top up these advantages is the lightweight of the scanner.

The privacy in the case of a web enabled eMAR can be achieved through authentication services. The information entered is encrypted in both sides of communication. Another advantage of using this device is the joint forces achieved by the physicians to attend their patients. The patients can be put under medication with a maintained record that can be a guide to another physician assigned to attend. This is enhanced by the systems performance in ensuring that the medical records are well organized in the system. A nurse reporting late to work for some reasons could simply text a college to help on giving the medications to patients.

Its Advantages, Impacts on Consumers and Positive Impacts on Organization

The system works in several platforms making it usable in the many environments of need. It could be as well deployed in the areas of limited technological activities since it does not consume too much of the required resources. Moreover, it can be used by practicing physicians to learn since it promotes an error-free medication and has a good reporting system.

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The long term advantages of a cost effective medical system is realized by the organization. The system allows for a feedback mechanism to the organization through which the organization can improve the approaches to treating patients.

Financial Impacts

The system has reduced the costs and extraneous medical processes involved in the organization. Users of the system can easily gain access through the Internet and work with it to meet their needs. It has also advocated on the maintenance of the medical records allowing for cross-consultancy among the health field specialists.

The Disadvantages on the Organization

Despite all these advantages, the system has its own limitations. For this reason, the organization could have a difficult time to implement its usage.

The cost of introduction and maintenance of the eMAR system is not friendly especially at the beginning. The requirements are that new computer systems, software, scanners, network and the Internet hardware is to be bought and installed, all done at a cost. The cost of doing this also requires that experts are employed to take on these processes. Another cost needed is that to train the users and the system’s failure is to be witnessed.

The databases used in the system are human controlled and could be subjected to errors thereby ruining the whole system. It is important to note that the whole system primarily depends on the availability and persistence of the electrical power and the Internet to some extent. On failure the system also fails. It is platform reliable and therefore the interoperability problem exists. The system also seems to be promoting laziness since some physicians will assume their roles are already solved technologically and relax.

Technological Improvements

There are many technological improvements that can be done on the eMAR to enhance its efficiency. The records can be extended to capture the doctors’ credentials as well as billing for the medical purposes through the integration of the Automated Billing System. This could help make the operations of the system better. It should as well be able to make scheduling alerts by taking in the information provided by the doctors, enhancing prescriptions for the resisting viruses by intelligently realizing when the viruses have adapted to resist drugs.  

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The electronic medical records system will be a benefit to the organization if properly used. Implementations to enable the realization of patients’ past treatments should be put into focus. The system should be made clear and simple for its Internet usage to enable the efficiency in the utilization by the users from various locations and at all time. It should reduce the health cost greatly with the diagnostic cost reduced as well.


The innovations in the technological field have enhanced the efficiency of work in various dimensions of practice. One such enhancement to improve the medication operations is the electronic medical record system.

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