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Good Programming

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The development of systems and programs in the modern world has a significant impact in the lives of people. These impacts can both be intended and unintended and, some can be harmful while others useful. The invention and implementation of systems changes the lives of people by interfering with their realities and expectations. As system developers develop new systems every day, the question is whether they should be held responsible for the consequence of their inventions or not. With the rights and freedom attached to every person in the world toady, it would be easy to leave the developers with no blame as people are free to us the inventions or not use. In this discussion, we look at various technological inventions and their ethical implication. We then analyze whether the designers need to worry about these implications.

The systems and programs being developed every day also have some detrimental effects that are normally small but accumulate over time. These effects could have extremely harmful effects in the long run, for instance, each automobile releases a very small amount of pollution, almost negligible. However, when it is combined for thousands of automobiles in use today and over time, global warming cannot be controlled. Good program depends on the designs and having a sense of ethical issues. Technological inventions have helped individuals and companies amplify their ability, strength, strategic advantage over other human beings. Strategic advantage has been gained by companies who have embraced technological inventions and have thus expanded rapidly. This has led to expansion and growth of such companies over those that still hold on the traditional means of productions. Technological inventions have also earned many individuals considerable influence in the world, for instance, Bill Gates has gained so much influence in the world even outside the computer industries.

Buy custom Good Programming essay

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