Custom «General Motors and Ford Motor» Essay Paper

Custom «General Motors and Ford Motor» Essay Paper

In Business 300 Career Research Project, I chose General Motors and Ford Motor because  I am quite familiar to Michigan state and the fact that it’s the headquarter of both companies  and because of my love for automobiles. General motors’ is situated in Detroit at Michigan 300 Renaissance Center. Ford motor is situated in Dearborn, Michigan in at One American road. As per the business week; General motors’ was founded in 1908 and the latest report dated on 9 September 2011 indicated that the company had about 210,000 employees. Ford motor was founded in 1903 and the latest report dating back to 28 February 2011 showed that the company had a rough estimate of 164,000 employees. In the Fortune magazine’s 2011 fortune 500, General Motors was ranked number 8 and number 15 in the previous ranking. Its current C.E.O is Daniel Akerson. Ford Motor was ranked as number 10 in Fortune’s Magazine’s 2011 Fortune 500. In the previous year, it had been ranked at number 8. Ford’s C.E.O is Alan Mulally. In the Forbes Magazine’s global 2000 leading companies, General Motors was ranked at number 61. In sales volume, it was number 18, number 70 in terms of profit gain, number 155 in terms of assets and number 148 in terms of market value. Its counterpart, the Ford Motor was ranked at number 54. Number 24 in terms of sales, number 63 in terms of profit, number 140 in terms of assets and number 126 in terms of market value.

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 In terms of wages and salaries, the hourly pay entry level of new workers is $14 while for the veteran is $28. A recently signed four year labor contract advocated for a rise by $2 to $3. An assembly line worker receives median $27 while an auto Industry Engineer receives a roughly figure of median $37. Ford’s hourly workers include assembly line workers who make a median $28, mechanics earn $16, maintenance electricians make $33, tool and die maker make $32. For Salaried employees, service managers earn $42,180 per year, mechanical engineers receive $84,965, manufacturing engineers make $80,000 and product development engineers are paid $74,008. Career advancement from both companies involves the process of climbingup the corporate ladder until one reaches the highest possible level. It basically involves the beginning of one’s career all the way to one’s retirement. In both companies, career advancement calls for experience, acquisition of educational certifications and qualifications, recognitions, family life, career shift or career growth.

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The corporate structure of General Motors is made up of board of trustees and the officers of the foundation. The Board is made of the chairman who is the C.E.O of General Motors Corporation, the headquarters. Other branches of the company are headed by the Presidents who also constitute the Board. Officers of the foundation, the headquarter; include the chairman, the president, vice presidents, secretary, treasurer and the tax officer. Corporate structure of Ford motors consist of the C.E.O who is the chairman of the board together with his directors who heads all the other branches. Then there is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer. Ford Company has a corporate culture of getting involved in humanitarian events like the Rouge Rover clean-up and Habitat for Humanity, it is religion friendly and respects diversity. Corporate culture of General Motors’ is exemplified by General motors’ Foundation which gives financial support to American Red Cross.

 Education requirements at General Motors require all the applicants to have a high school diploma. To work on General Motors’ cars and parts requires a person to have enrolled in a General Motors auto Services Educational Program. This curriculum focuses on Math’s, English and Electronics before proceeding to technical training. This program is mostly taught in community colleges. Ford Motors designs a curriculum called SCC’s Ford Automotive Student Service Educational Training Program. This program provides training to students and it runs for two years leading to an associate degree and finally an employment. As per the Forbes magazine, Ford’s ratios and returns place the company’s profit margin at 5.10%, operating margin at 8.70 and return on equity at 0.28. General Motors’ Ration and returns indicate that the company&rssquo;s profit margin is 6.60, operating margin is 8.70 and return on equity is 28.70.

Both companies are involved in manufacture of automobiles and operations of Financial Services .They are located in the same state in the U.S. In year 2011’s fortune 500, both companies appeared in the top ten ranking and top 100 in Forbes Magazine’s global 2000 leading companies. Both companies offers their curriculum to students who desire to work for them .Factors facilitating career advancement are the same in both companies as well as their involvement in humanitarian projects. However, the two companies have different corporate structures. All other branches of General Motors are headed by the Presidents while all the other branches of Ford Motor are headed by Directors. General Motors requires an applicant to have a high school diploma while Ford Motor requires an associate degree.

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The advantage of working foe General Motors and Ford Motors is that they pays relatively higher than other automobiles e.g. Toyota and the fact that they design their curriculums hence any student who successfully finishes his course is likely to be employed by the company. These companies have wide markets for their products and provide health plans for their employees. Working as hourly workers can be quite tedious because of long working hours and quite disappointing when one has to be dismissed from work because of recession.

I would like to work for Ford Motor because it offers tremendous benefits to its employees. Besides the health plans, the company offers 10% more than Toyota and General Motors on vacations and pension plans for its employees. Other benefits include paid sick time off, unemployment insurance, 7.65% social security tax and workman’s compensation. I would like to work as Mechanical Engineer because it is one of the highly paid fields in the company. To qualify and work as an engineer, I have to undertake an associate’s degree which comprise of studying Math’s, English, Electronics and a Technical training. To further my skills, I would pursue a Mechanical Engineering course in one of the best universities in U.S. 

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