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Future of Computer Intelligence

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Computers have been in existence for more than half a century, and the way humans interact with them has not changed much.  We have seen significant evolution taking place with computers, but the human mind remains the same. The computer keyboards evolve from typewriters, which is an old technology (MIT, 2003). The graphical user interface had also been around since 1984 when there was immense popularity on the Macintosh (Utah State University). Today computers are still evolving from keyboard-mouse interface to touch screens. The touch screens are also evolving from single touch to multiple touches. This shows the rapid growth in technology. In my opinion, computer power will match the human intelligence in the next twenty to thirty years.

According to Ray Kurzweil, an American computer guru, there is a progress that is more technical is likely to appear in the computer world in 2020s. During this period, the computers will be at par with the human intelligence. Machines will be able to solve more incomparable problems of the 21st century (Connor, 2008).

Today, the computer and digital hardware are far extremely impressive making the human performance unchallenged. However, we ought to note that the performance of machines has been smarter than humans in many ways. This gives one a reason to think of the future. The world changes daily as technology does, humans develop machines and program them to assist in completing tedious tasks. This means that computers could fill the gap of labor with a robot tailored to perform the same tasks quicker.

Computers can perceive as humans do. The challenge is simple. Humans provide instructions to machines on the tasks expected of them. Therefore, whatever tasks the computer performs initially, we have to make it get ready for other duties too. The readiness of the computer to perform a variety of duties makes it to be more useful and more moral.

A computer programmed to think scientifically with better observational abilities makes it develop a better objective thinking ability. It has views on the world needs, which makes it develop an emotional understanding that leads to a practically moral action. The more capable a computer is the more beautiful its results are.

Feelings act as a force that prompts an individual to answer to his/her needs.  Since a computer also has needs, it is sensible to program it in such a way that it develops a tendency to answer to the needs. Therefore, the future computers will have will have feelings. Human feelings are a product of a tough evolution of God’s planning making computers have an idea of the needs the society and the world at large has. This means that future computers can share human emotional points of view too.

In conclusion, development of technology is part of moral development. Without the strength technology possesses, there would be no rightful answers in the tough modern world. Safeguarding the future functioning of everything that has needs of the world and technology is a necessity to achieving the set goals.

Buy custom Future of Computer Intelligence essay

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