Custom «Engineering a Greener Future» Essay Paper

Custom «Engineering a Greener Future» Essay Paper

Humankind is growing more anxious of the effect carbon footprints will afflict on the future generations of the world. With the rise in the attention on green energy and green technology, it is impossible to imagine any advancement in the field without the involvement of the engineering disciplines. Green engineering is a term that is growing in use, and explains the role of engineering in the endeavor to lower the carbon emissions we create each day. The report looks at ways in which engineers have played a fundamental role in ushering in the era of green technology innovations.

The concept of green engineering

What is green engineering? Green engineering is the mechanism through which processes and products are designed to reduce the environmental impact in terms of pollution and human health hazards while brining about energy efficiency (Green Engineering 4).

Is green engineering economically feasible?

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Concerns abound, as to whether the economic impact green technology will have on the profitability and viability of projects.  Business organizations calling for green energy revolution are yet to answer one pertinent question pertaining to the capacity of green energy technology to conserve the environment and still remain economically viable. The answer is not a definitive yes or no, but it can lead to considerable discovery and innovation ideas that can protect the present fragile environment for future generations.

Environmentally conscious projects like green energy technology bring profit and money, just as other energy projects like nuclear energy (Green Engineering 7). However, green energy is more receptive to the environment and prevents health hazards associated with nuclear power. Further, green energy technology is yet to be developed on large scale since major project are under pilot plant stage undergoing research and study. Small-scale companies and multinational corporations like Wal-Mart have already embraced green power to power their fleets and storage equipment. Nothing could be further from the truth, there are companies that have wholly embraced green technology in the engineering of their products and are just as profitable, if not more profitable than their skeptical counterparts (ACT 1). Therefore, there is a challenge among scholars and universities students to develop strategic green technology equipment and devices that can enhance production and consumption of green energy in homes and business environment. 

The myths about impracticality of the reliance on green engineering technology are slowly wearing off (Green Engineering 8). Real life examples abound on the effective application of green engineering in the running of daily organization operations such as power generation technology. Not only has green engineering reduced the carbon, but it has also resulted in an overall decrease in the overhead costs associated with the conventional modes of producing products.

Green engineering technology ought to increases the cost efficiency of running an organization or a project, although theinitial set up cost may seem high, the overall benefits outweigh the costs and the impact of pollution the environment suffers (ACT 1). Green engineering technology is the way to go for business and engineering firms that wants to be part of the 21st century energy solutions.

Consumer ethics have promoted the growth of ethical consumerism; a theory in which consumers do not just buy a product, but have a right to question means, processes and ways of manufacturing the product. In this respect, firms that adjust to green engineering technology will be at the forefront in the future business ventures, and stand to reap immense benefits from the growing legion of environment conscious consumers.

Influence of engineers in green technology

Green engineers have influenced largely the progress in the development of green revolution. Courses in universities and colleges must equip green engineers with knowledge and skills to assessment, evaluate, measure, and set the standards with environmental benefits.

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Chemical engineering offers a world of opportunities to the disciplines that aim to advance the field of green technology (Green Engineering 9). The redesigning of the chemical processes and evaluation of the environmental impacts of the operations that result in pollution has been greatly advanced through the field of chemical engineering. For instance, the evaluation of exposure levels chemicals cause to the environment and humans, both of which need protection from harm.

Illumination of the green engineering

The role of green engineering in reversing and mitigating adverse effects of carbon emissions is far from being impassive (Green Engineering 5). Green engineering technology and innovations is applicable to every stage of the manufacturing process, right from the selection of materials to use in the manufacturing, the waste handling mechanisms, storage conditions, energy consumption, and the safety of the processes by the firm. Green engineering is expected to provide better solutions to promote efficient fuel management policies and find alternative energy to the presence day petroleum that is causing inflations and hiking of food prices. The most cumbersome challenge at hand is for green engineers to find a cheaper and more available alternative fuel or mechanism to power automobiles.

Green engineering technology is comprehensive in its mandate to determine the root cause of environmental harm of certain processes (Green Engineering 5). Through thorough and elaborate process of research, risk assessment, cost assessment, and detailed evaluation, the green engineer can offer a balanced insight into the impact of a certain process, which is of environmental concern while taking into consideration the special economic and technological conditions inherent in the organization at the time. Therefore, green engineering is not blind to the strategies of the firm to retain they profitability while still trying to roll back the specter of a deteriorating environment.

Recent engineering developments in greeen technology

In the modern world, green energy engineering focuses on measurement of power quality and consumption, vehicle and factories, determination of water quality. Green engineers design and develop tools through which data of the real world impact of environmental pollution can be assessed, and they develop the next generation of products and technologies with efficiency and reduced environmental impact (Instrumentation 11).

Applications green engineering are visible in areas of environmental concerns such as renewable power generation, power quality, environmental monitoring, machine and process optimization, and development and testing of green products and technologies (Instrumentation 7). Innovations such as solar cell technology, wind turbine technologies and wave power technology are examples of green energy engineering in practice.

Engineering has helped come up with better and more efficient designs that lower the inefficiencies in the traditional methods in which operations run (Green Engineering 6). In the field of computer engineering, engineers are designing more power efficient processors that are reducing the cost of power and at the same time increasing the efficiency and the length over which the use computing machines. The increase in the time over which the computer is usable means less disposal levels of electronica garbage.

The automobile engineering technology is a hot topic for many enthusiasts of green revolution (Instrumentation 7). Green engineering are still in the process of developing systems that not only deduce the carbon emission as well as appeal to the car buyers who may be more than concerned about the functionality and the appearance of the vehicle beside the fuel technology. The other concern engineers need to address in this regard is the cost implications the technology will have to the car buyers, as well as the reliability of the battery or solar technology the cars have technology.

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The current systems hinder the implementation of green technology engineering methods (ACT 1). There are also concerns among the attendants of green engineering workshops that too much focus on chemical engineering, other engineering segments also need attention as they can also contribute to the green energy technology.

A major focus for green engineers is in renewable energy engineering (Green Engineering 5). Engineering is advancing the use of more energy efficient instrumentation, in a field that has shown the potential to reduce the cost to government of one billion dollars in the next five years.

Growth in technological advancements as well as the consequential reduction in the cost gives much promise to the achievement of green engineering goals in the future. Most emerging technologies conscious of their environmental impact, and therefore the drift towards greener technology and engineering should be relatively easy. For instance, computing devices are made with technologies that use less power and therefore the fruits that come with green engineering show a good and prospective future.

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