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Efficiency Enhancement

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Today’s society is what it is, because of technology. Technology in today’s society touches on every aspect of life. Every sector of the economy is dependent on technology. Technology affects international relations among nations. Every day the level of technology keeps on advancing and more new knowledge is brought to the eyes of mankind. Technology has both good and bad effects of which can be long term and/or short term.  

This research aims at briefly highlighting the effects and causes of technology. The paper will achieve this by giving real life illustrations which are well known and some of which are quite amazing. The paper takes no stand but draws the general picture of the effect and causes of technology on mankind. The paper will explore both the good and bad side of technology. This research exclusively uses literature review as the only way of data collection. To cover for inadequacy and bias which may result from this kind of data collection, the literature sources used are purely from credible sources consisting of peer reviewed journals.

Literature review

This section will review causes and effects of technology with illustrations from real life examples. The section will at times base its arguments on reasonableness of a situation and make intuitive conclusions. The section is divided into three sub-sections which talks about efficiency, knowledge and security.  In reviewing the sub-sections, both the advantages and the disadvantages will be brought to light.

Efficiency Enhancement

Technology can be said to have advanced as a result of the need for efficiency. The need for efficiency pushes people to develop ways in which processes can be done in better ways. The inefficiency associated with processing large data manually brought about the development of computers. The need to process the same data faster and accurately has led to development of supercomputers (Zelkowitz, p. 162). The need to work efficiently in dangerous areas for long time brought about the development of robots. Robots controlled by human beings are more efficient, faster and can work for more hours than human beings (Burgard 192). Generally speaking, the need for efficiency is everywhere; the medical field, the military, space science, education, business etcetera.     

In a summative way, efficiency brought about by technology makes it easier to carry out various processes making it easier for mankind to have a better lifestyle. For instance, advanced communication through the use of computers and internet has made it possible for outsourcing of jobs to be possible. This has meant millions of saving for the American corporations as outsourcing has been shown to be cheaper than internally hiring employees. Globalization, a talk of the day anywhere, has been catapulted by technology. Without technology, globalization will be far from a dream. Thus, it is reasonable to argue that all the benefits accrued from globalization are due to advances in technology. Globalization has opened up opportunities for various countries to trade more openly and create numerous job opportunities (Narual 103).     

Technology in the medically has greatly increased efficiency. Advanced and complicated surgical operations can be carried out in pursuant of saving lives. Use of laser equipments in the medical field makes it possible for surgical wounds to heal faster and is less painful. Advancing technology in the medical field has made doctors to be efficient and save lives of millions of people (Geisler and Heller 32).

Enhancing Knowledge

Technology has made it possible for mankind to have an advanced knowledge of how the universe functions. It is possible to make whether prediction to reliable levels. Technology has made it possible for earthquakes to be detected well before they mount momentum to destructive level. It is possible to see the development of hurricanes, typhoons and tornados. This significant whether you are in a ship or on the land as it help you to prepare enough or even be evacuated (Ravi, Aditya and Gupta 41).

Technology has made it possible for cloning to be done on sheep. There are various experiments which have been carried out on mice. All this has been made possible through technology. These experiments reveal a lot knowledge which makes it possible for mankind to find better ways of treatment. By gaining knowledge on how the human body functions, it is possible develop drugs and counter malfunctions of the body in a better way without compromising the chances of people’s lives (Geisler and Heller 35).

Technology is also used to study and gain knowledge on the ecosystem around us. How will one know that the blue whales are endangered without engaging divers and sophisticated machines to find out? What about the python reserves in the world? They will swallow you up if you counting them manually, technology has to be engaged; may some flying cameras or something close to that. Having the knowledge of the ecosystem makes it possible for proper preservation measures to be undertaken. Technology makes it possible to understand to what level the ozone layer has been depleted so that corrective measures can be taken (Narual 103).    

Buy custom Efficiency Enhancement essay

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