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Effects of New Technologies

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The word technology derivates from Greek word ‘technologia’ which refers to, “the practical submission of knowledge, principally in a particular discipline of study.” It is significant to note that technology is a conceptual term that falls short of a particular universally acceptable actual definition. Nevertheless, it can be referred to as, the utilization and application of knowledge pertaining to techniques, crafts, tools, systems or methods of organization, or a substantial end product of these things, such as computers. It is a remark that is utilized collectively to depict or illustrate the undertakings, creations, views, advancements, knowledge and abilities of a distinct faction of natives (Basalla 25).

Impact of New Technology

All through the past, technologies have considerably impacted on the lives of human beings and other animal species in their capacity to manage and adapt to their innate atmosphere. Traditionally, human beings commenced the exploitation of technology with the invention of the accessible innate resources into easy tools and equipment. For example, the comprehension of the ability to control fire improved the available sources of food, while the discovery of the wheel aided the human beings to organize their environment and boost transport. On the other hand, contemporary technological innovations such as the printing press, television, the telephone and the internet have decreased the physical impediments of communication. Furthermore, they have facilitated rapid and free associations among the humans globally by transforming the planet into a global village. As much as not all technologies have been utilized by human beings for serene intentions, the positive impact it has on the society is immense (Basalla 26). This paper delves into how the employment of machines has affected the competence of employees and computer and cell phone effects to the society

Impacts of Technology on Employees

In the modern-day planet, machines progress to mechanize most of the decisive household and industrial procedures. For example, machines have taken up, and are progressing to replace human employees in most of the routine jobs in companies. The application of sophisticated technologies like robotics and artificial intellect has proved to be successful in undertaking risky errands such as mining and space exploration. Technological innovations have seriously affected the merit of proficiency in relation to workers. Old personnel find it very intricative to update difficult and new technologies, while young employees speedily and willingly accomplish and enlist skills that are customized towards novel technologies. Consequently, these technologies have enhanced the efficiency of youthful employees, while they restrained the worth of the output of the old workers (Edward 62).

Effects of Computer Technology

Computers have the ability to store, manage, process and manage hefty quantities of information and data. In addition, they have led to the escalation of Software Company, one of the most developed industries in the universe. Internet expertise gained from the form of computer networking has risen to be a very costly stage of communication in the universe, with the principal information base that exists in the current world. The internet infrastructure, through the universal net has made it possible for humans to communicate through media, downloads, email, websites and file distribution, thus changing the globe into an inclusive village. The internet infrastructure has also made it possible for scholars, researchers, and others to share information across the sphere almost immediately.  Moreover, the internet has given rise to noteworthy positive changes in the entertainment and advertising. Therefore, Advertisements can reach the populations within very few seconds. Consequently, this promoted the entertainment industry which relies profoundly on advertisement (Edward 56). Surely, the internet makes it promising for societies in present times to link up and sponsor the sharing of information and globalization.

Effects of Cell Phones

Cellular communication has further altered the communication and the larger society as a whole to significant extent. Among the initial technological advancements in communication was the advance of the unadventurous telephone that was pursued by the telegraph. Mobile phones have prolonged the horizons of communication in the recent earth through their capacity to accommodate expedient long distance communication. They have improved the communication procedure in the society since they offer a variety of ways via which people can utilize to communicate to others, such as through sending text messages and calling. Therefore, imperative message or information can get the receiver in a matter of seconds. Thus, Mobile phones help to improve and strengthen communication, interaction and contact processes within the society (Fox 78).


The aforementioned points are only but a few areas that can be predisposed by technology. The advancement in technology still goes on and human life is greatly improved as this progresses. Indeed, it is not possible to join up all the effects (both negative and positive) of technology on the community (Tapscott 45). However, every innovative technology is accompanied by unexpected or unwanted side effects. Thus, technology has played a crucial role in shaping the modern life and economy of human beings. The utilization of technological devices to enhance life should be encouraged. Bearing in mind the substance of prevalence in technological devices such as the internet, and combined with the obsession of using them, the human population experiences positive results.

Buy custom Effects of New Technologies essay

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