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Technology has brought about a significant impact in the process of learning especially in the case of higher education in the African context. There are also some benefits that are associated with partnering with the rest of the universities across the globe to facilitate the exchange of information.

E-learning has been identified to offer the benefits of cost, time saving and flexibility and the improvement of effectiveness of learning among students.

The efforts in the Universities in Kenya have been geared towards the adoption of e-learning in an attempt of improving the quality of education. This is geared at proper exploitation of the benefits associated with technology in addition to the access the facilities in a way that is cost effective (Mugwe, 1). The efficiency allows online lectures, student lecturer interaction, assignments submission and checking the student’s grades online. The technology is also in a position of facilitating for uploading of course materials, posting of the assignments, online discussions and the application of blogs. There is however a requirement of training the lectures as well as the students on better ways of making use of the facilities (Mugwe, 1).

This has been implemented in Strathmore University, USIU, plus Nairobi University where the students are inducted to the courses at the time of their enrollment. Daystar University has also implemented the technology. USIU has especially made use of Webcity offering in excess of 400 courses and enhancing the lecturer student interaction (Mugwe, 1). Services are better delivered using e-learning complementing teaching in facial interaction and work can be managed in a more effective manner which ideally is not a replacement of the hours of physical contact but a requirement by modern students. This is consequential to saving time in education delivery. The institutions should however overcome obstacles associated with technical infrastructure which are dependent on the slow local networks as well as the internet. E-learning facilities are also available at Moi, Maseno, J K UAT as well as Kenyatta wich are aimed at improving distant learning (Mugwe, 1).

According to David, "One field where the university has made use e-learning is through the use of video conferencing for visiting professors, this is done especially in partnership with other business schools." David  also adds that “Strathmore has a tie-up with the IESE Business School which is under the University of Navarra in Barcelona Spain”. The same article by David also quotes Prof Odhiambo that “platform is already in use, but it takes time for lecturers and students to be fully comfortable with the approach”. He adds that “Moodle program allows university professors to give lectures remotely, on top of enabling access to more students”.  According to Regina Mutuku “"It gives you the ability to manage work more effectively ... It is not replacing the contact hours but it is being more responsive to the modern student" (Mugwe, 1).

UoN ICT Director Dr Omwenga ascerts that, "Lecturers have flexible access and student hostels have a wireless network. There is curriculum training for staff on how to facilitate content online and the student's information systems network has been integrated into the e-learning system to enhance and allow fast uptake of e-learning. There is also an awareness campaign using brochures, flyers and open days to increase interest among students and staff." (Mugwe, 1). Woof said e-learning lets students do work on their own schedule. Some teens have Crohn's disease, cancer treatments or allergies that keep them at home. Woof, asserts that "Every time we can't offer flexibility, they just Google to find another school board that can," (Faulkner, 1). Justin Medved, says that “People are starting to ask questions to help meet the needs of students who are involved in sports [and] major extracurricular that take them away from school,” he explains. “I think that CIS consciously wanted to be innovative. There is definitely a trend in education across the board that is looking at different ways of learning.” (Brooks,, 1)

Buy custom E-learning essay

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