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Digital Forensics

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In many occasions, investigators of Digital Forensics obtain file sharing, peer-to-peer or software available on the disks’ images or computers they evaluate. This work is performed using various tools and techniques that have been proven scientifically to carry out the work. Over the past few years, the rate of cybercrimes has tremendously augmented hence a need to develop a new tool that could help in identifying these increased shared file. This paper discusses in details the most important tool designed to discharge this duty in a rapid manner, it is referred to as File Marshal (P2P Marshal). This digital forensic tool is used to automatically detect, extract, and analyze data related to peer-to-peer hard disk applications/ soft ware on machines of clients.

Liu et al (2010) asserts that Digital forensics is abroad field whose definition is the practice of putting to use technical methods and techniques/tools that have been scientifically derived and proven, to collect, validate, identify, analyze, interpret, document and present after the fact digital data obtained from digital sources with a view of furthering or facilitating the rebuilding of events as a forensic evidence. There are many types of digital sources where this information can be obtained including: mobile phones, computers, copiers, hard disks, DVDs, and. Others are: digital cameras, printers, network routers, VLSI chips, backup tapes, and communication protocols and software.

The field of Digital Forensics has to be based on ICT science within the prerequisites and law interpretations. It allows data to be recovered even if from the knowledge of the user, it has been deleted. hence the core area of Digital Forensics are the techniques employed for recovering this data which have to be up to date because it is very easy to manipulate information that is digitally stored. For this reason, great care has to be taken when it comes to dealing with digital evidence for ability to prove the source of information.

In the wake of amplified use of information technology and internet globally, amounts of criminal activities involving digital data and computing have also tremendously increased over the past decade. Digital forensics being a slow process, the digital crimes has presented new challenges on how to be detected, investigated, and prevented and also the trial of the corresponding crimes (Chao, 2010).  For this reason there has been a dire need to come up with new and proper tools and techniques to deal with today’s criminals factoring in the issue of time for scene processing.  The most important technology that has been developed over the last five years is the P2P Marshall Technology.

Buy custom Digital Forensics essay

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