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Delta Air Lines

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Flash is a cross-platform medium and is compatible and well-supported by about 95-98% of web-browsers in the market—so if Delta incorporates Flash on its website, it will be assured the content will be viewed correctly by an user whose browser has the Flash plugin, but independent on operating system and browser. This intriguing technological medium will add interactivity and flashy graphics to Delta’s website. For instance, Delta can use it to make fascinating 2D animations, which are also easy to view. Delta can use Flash to present information in a way plain written words alone cannot do, bearing in mind that video works well in Flash applications on the browser regardless the OS software such as Media Player. Flash interface has replaced the traditional non-static elements on webpage with ones that lively interact with users. Flash on Delta Air Lines can make the interface more absorbing and indulging—when used in making booking forms and cost calculators, which is logically a good marketing tool that is likely to enhance sales.


With the help of high speed internet, audio has turned a great marketing tool that eventually increases sales. With audio on Delta website, visitors will the experience of a blend of visual and interactivity (such as the one offered by Flash), hence creating a memorable website. Most people can play streaming audio, meaning audio on websites is not a complicated medium. Visitors will find it a stimulating change to listen to a voice of all the text they read. By incorporating audio, Delta will make its site unique and memorable, hence attractive and with chances of increasing sales.

People are more likely to recall what they listen to than what they read. Recent researches established that just 20% of individuals recall what they read compared 70% remember what they hear. By incorporating audio Delta will be allowing itself thrice more of a ‘stick’ factor to its site visitors. Luckily, with audio, there are no limits to what Delta can let its site visitors listen to. For instance, Delta could showcase its customers’ inspiring feedback and testimonials, a practice that has a lot of potential in increasing sales.


Delta can also consider using Video—videos are one of the best methods for passing along messages to audiences. In fact, it is much easier to take in visual images than read texts. In most of the times, the visual impact generated by videos can be used in a creative manner to stretch out and bewitch the mental imagery of a diverse audience. Video is the best choice for simple and convincing communications. People get an emotional connection more enthusiastically with sound and moving images in videos than other media. Indeed, the audience can feel closer to reality through video.

Owing to its nature, video medium can be very versatile in style and tone used to express various messages. A particular video in itself can be great, with iconic graphics cut to enthralling music to set the tone of a product. Delta can also use video insert contemporary documentaries on its website to showcase its practice or initiative. A good video has to be accompanied with the right support material, which will make it among the most effective means of reaching out to a global audience across the clock. However, any associated mistake can make a good video a blunder, such as a poor video player or poor resolution. Nevertheless, videos have the potential to increase sales for Delta based on all the discussed features.

Buy custom Delta Air Lines essay

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