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Decision Support Systems Network Flow Models

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Decision support system enables modeling of data and influencing decision making basing the reason on the data. In many successful businesses, decisions are made after analyzing data in order to suggest strategies and solutions. This is important in that it becomes easy to predict the future performance of the business. Decision support systems (DSS) are computer applications with human as a major component.  The systems can analyze large loads of data effectively and guide the human component in making choices.

When DSS was introduced in businesses, many thought that the systems belong to certain areas in business. However, nowadays, many businesses have actually incorporated the systems in all aspects of their operations; for instance, the systems have been applied in the budget sheets, data concerning sales, and in forecasts such as in projects.

Network flow models are an example of a DSS; the ability to predict the success or failure of programs by using the arcs and the nodes is an interesting aspect of the network model. For instance, in case of project management, some of the key procedures include evaluation of the program and review of techniques used. The use of network model enables determination of success of the project.

To determine this, the project is represented as a network flow models and by using node interdependency, it becomes easy to predict the performance of the project. The network model provides a clear picture of a system; this enhances understanding through visual representation. The network has nodes and branches, the nodes represent locations while the branches represent a flow by joining the nodes. When a program or a project is represented inform of a network flow, it is efficient to identify an existing problem and identify ways to deal with the problem.

Buy custom Decision Support Systems Network Flow Models essay

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