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Cyber Security

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Cyber security is concerned with stopping information from being stolen or tampered with. It also ensures that information gets to the intended users. An unauthorized person may tamper with private information, thus causing a lot of damage to institutions. Various security check mechanisms are applied to safeguard computers from hackers.

The human factor is one of the key factors that make cyber security be enhanced. Being inquisitive by nature human beings can’t help wanting to have access to all sorts of information. They alter systems for malicious purposes, thus causing others to suffer, or even tamper with information stored in criminal investigation departments.

            Many computer viruses are spread through the use of USB sticks. Once plugged in, they leave viruses which begin to multiply and attack other computers when files are sent over the Internet.  It is wise to have programs that guide people on how to administer security systems on their computers which protect them from hackers. One of the ways to safeguard against an intrusion attempt is to use complex passwords and codes which should be kept secret. If possible, the codes should be changed regularly so that hackers are kept from exercising their knowledge (Beck, 2002).

            It is imperative to consider the people who use the Internet-connected computers and the line of the users they share because it helps spotting risks that are associated with cyber crime.  Some computers are vulnerable because their owners tend to be excessively gullible. Systems should be used to protect computers fully because when one is found hacking, he is answerable for breaching policies on configuration. Data segregation should be used because it helps privatize information. Good design of systems should be used because use of substandard experts only disguises you from accessing real systems.

Topic 2

Security Misconception

            Many Internet users feel that simply because the websites they are using are secure, they are secure too. This is a misconception that endangers their work and makes them vulnerable to a hacker attack. It is imperative to personalize a computer by using security check systems that bar malicious entrants into your computer. Generation of codes and user names that are only known to the user is vital because it keeps off hackers.

            Firesheep is an extension to Firefox that allows cyber criminals to access other people information through the use of a Wi-Fi connection. It hijacks a person’s identity from any insecure log-in attempt. This is an indication that one should not be gullible to feel that he or she is secure from hackers simply because he is using a public website.

            It is advisable to use an encrypted session if one is using a public network because it ensures a secure connection. In cyber crimes, key loggers are frequently used which capture every key stroke on your computer. This is also an indication that one needs to use a system that is capable of identifying and neutralizing a key logger before it captures one’s passwords and user names. It is imperative to update signature date of the antivirus software installed on one’s computer. Some antispyware can effectively counter key loggers, so it is vital to know the right one to use it for full protection.

Users need to deploy additional layers of protection. This will helps them identify and remove threats in their computers before personal information is stolen. 

Buy custom Cyber Security essay

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