Custom «Computer Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «Computer Technology» Essay Paper

Computer technology has evolved over the years from a bulky and gigantic piece of machinery into the weightless, elegant, and super-fast devices which have transformed the life of our civilization. Indeed, computer technology has a major impact on the survival of both living creatures and non-living things on earth. Over the years, I have been keenly observing these developments. They ignited my interest in this genial masterpiece called the computer. Therefore, I am determined to study hard to get involved in the computer world and make an impact on the field of computing. While I was growing up in my native country, Nigeria, I would express a lot of interest in different mechanical and electrical gadgets. I learned a lot about their functioning up to the point where I could fix some minor problems with them. This fact influenced my choice of science-oriented subjects in secondary school.

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I went further to study metallurgical engineering at a higher level, after which I worked as a plant production engineer for a few years before I left Nigeria for Belgium. My first experience with the computers came about while I was working. Currently, I have to enrol for a diploma corse in graphic design. I have a basic skill in CorelDraw, Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. This gave me an opportunity to establish my own designer business. My work involved designing of different kinds of posters, flyers, and other printed items. However, I decided to move to Belgium in order to continue with my quest for computer studies. Despite a significant language barrier, I did not relent in my efforts and persisted with my self-education through reading specialized books and publications in English. I finally met a computer engineer who taught me practical aspects of assembling a computer from basic components such as a mother board, processor, memory card, sound, and video cards among others. I later went on to learn about the installation of drivers and operating system. I also learnt how to troubleshoot and make important repairs.

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After acquiring this basic knowledge, I have been building and repairing personal computers for commercial purposes. I have dealt largely with desktop and laptop computers. I diversified my operations to designing posters and flyers to supplement my income from my current job of a security officer. I got the job in security after completting the necessary training required for the NOCN level 2 Award in Door Supervision. This was important for me because I needed finances to support myself in the United Kingdom. I am ready to pursue my dream career in the world of computer technology applications.

I generally love sporting activities like soccer. Back in high school, I played football and still love playing it. I would join small football clubs back at home playing football in the village. These experiences and social set ups have counted a lot in shaping my personality. I have also played chess up to tournament level. I like reading, cooking, driving, and making friends. All those activities are my hobbies. I am certain that I have the relevant background and all the required qualifications that will enable me to succeed in my chosen career. The University, here in the United Kingdom, provides the right type of competitive educational environment for me. This prestigious University has a career program in which I am interested and that offers me the best opportunity in which I promise I will do the best I can. I will maximize my academic abilities and ambitions to achieve my future goal.

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