Custom «Computer Systems» Essay Paper

Custom «Computer Systems» Essay Paper

There are many types of objectionable files that can be found on computer systems. Other than viruses attack that infect computer systems day in day out, there are many other forms of objectionable files and publications like pornography which ranges from movies with highly or mild sexual images, nude pictures, computer games depicting sexual violence and other sexual exploitation materials (Rosenman, 2009).  Contrary to the belief that these materials must be necessarily files, there are other acts that amount to objectionable behavior such as sexual grooming of the underage. Another form of unwanted file in a computer system is Trojan horse.

Nick (1999) defines a compute virus as a program normally designed by programmers and it spreads through infecting executable files or hard and floppy disks initially before multiplying in the whole system. They not only infect program files but any form of executable code. A different form of virus referred to as macro virus has the ability of infecting spreadsheet and word processing documents which use macros.

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Trojan horse is a harmful program that is frequently confused with viruses. It is a program that assumes the shape of something else, like a game or a movie. For example you may thing it is your downloaded game but when you run, it messes up other files on the hard drive by may be deleting them (Nick, 1999).

There are many sources of objectionable files; this is the main reason why they keep on circulating all over the world. Out of all the sources, the internet serves as the major source of Trojans, viruses and other unwanted content.  In most cases they come about due to downloading free or small-charge software on the internet, the developers attach them to these free software applicatios to help them cover overhead charges (Mckay, 2010). Sharing of applications on shared networks leads to spread of unwanted files. There also are other questionable websites which are full of objectionable content or files. Visiting them can also generate malicious files to downloaded automatically and get installed in the computer. HTML documents with JavaScript or other executable files code can spread malicious files.

These form of objectionable files spread through, in the case of a virus, executing a program code that has been infected by a virus hence infecting other programs when it runs. This can happen on the same computer or on other computers that are connected together on the same network. Sharing a copy of an infected file with other with other computer users leads to infection or transfer of these infected. Other forms of viruses referred to as multipartite spread through both infecting the floppy disks’ boot areas and infecting the files. Unauthorized users or otherwise referred to as intruders can also access your computer system and install objectionable files or copy pornographic materials on your computer system (Barry, 2010).

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Mellon (2006) observes that there are many websites that expose children to pornographic content and child predators. Pedophiles often pose as good people in some sites such as social networks with an intention of luring them into bad acts. Chat rooms are a source of objectionable file especially when it allows sending of executable code. Additionally email spoofing that can easily trick the users to attempt into making objectionable statements.

Ways a Technician can use to Detect Objectionable Files on a Computer System. As a professional, a technician has various ways of detecting that a system/s they are charged witth are infected with objectionable files, whether viruses or pornographic content. There are several symptom signals that a computer is probably infected. First of all, incase of viruses or Trojan horses, PC will start working slowly. These contents have the ability of really slowing down a computer system and often it can take a longer time than usual to restart or sometimes the internet connections become very slow (Nick, 1999).

Secondly, according to Mana Media (2004) new desktop shortcuts may appear or there can be alterations on home page. These are good signs of virus infections because they sometimes tamper with internet settings or redirect with you computer’s default home page settings a different unwanted web sites. They also go to an extent of adding new shortcuts on the computer’s desktop. Sometimes one may experience annoying popups on the computer. This is as a result of the objectionable files’ ability to swap the computer with bothering popup ads eve if the user is not connected to the internet, whereas secretly monitoring and tracking the browsing behavior and collecting the user’s personal information.

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Strange as it may sound, a technician can also detect whether a PC is infected with objectionable content if there are e-mails being sent from your mailbox to unknown destinations and you did not actually write them. For instance if Trojan find its way into a computer system, it attain total control of your mailbox (Mellon, 2006). By so doing, it starts generating and sending e-mails attached with viruses, spam, e-mail hoaxes and other malicious contents to other recipients. These are not exclusive ways of detecting objectionable files but the most common ones that can easily alert a technician or any other computer user that there must be something wrong with the system.

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