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Computer Forensics and Cybercrime

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A computer crime is any crime involving a computer and a network. Computer crimes have posed dangers of theft of identity in the cyber technology whose cost estimation is difficult. There are four general categories of computer crimes that can lead to theft of identity. The four main categories of computer crimes are theft of hardware and software, internal computer crime, telecommunication crimes, and computer hacking. Each of these computer crimes has varied examples depending on how it is used to perform identity theft. This paper portrays the examples in which the four categories of computer crimes are used in identity theft and the difficulties of estimating its cost.

First, computer crime can take the form of theft of hardware and software. When the hardware and software in a computer, are stolen, from their rightful owners, the owner’s personal identification information can be stolen. Additionally, a computer crime can be targeted to the internal system of computer, thereby interfering with the internal system of the computer and network. The important examples to the internal computer system crime are worms and viruses, which compromise its internal settings. Additionally, some computer crimes such as hacking and freaking are directed to the telecommunication net works. Examples of are, in which case the hackers gain access to the computer network and can steal identity information.

Lastly, computer crimes can be achieved through computer manipulation. In the computer manipulation crimes, the computer offenders operate the computer system and contravene its intended output to match their sinister plans. Criminals can manipulate the computers, and network system to present themselves in other peoples’ identity. The costs of theft of identity to individuals through computer crimes can have tremendous costs to their owners. It is, however, difficult to estimate the cost of identity theft because of definition problems and lack of data.

Buy custom Computer Forensics and Cybercrime essay

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